Athleisure has become quite a popular term among the consumers and brands — and by brands, it doesn’t stop at just sports brands. Fashion giants like Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton have also joined in the crowd by releasing sneakers that we would say are the perfect definition of athleisure: shoes that are meant to look fashionable and athletic. They provide a seamless transition from casual to lavish, and not something that we would recommend wearing at the gym. As for the Puma NOVA and Jaab XT, we’d say wear them anywhere you go.

Cara Delevingne has the NOVA on which is suitable for day-to-night events.
Cara Delevingne has the NOVA on which is suitable for day-to-night events.
Supermodel and fitness enthusiast Adriana Lima chose the Jaab XT.
Supermodel and fitness enthusiast Adriana Lima chose the Jaab XT.

Both designed for different purposes, one for lifestyle the latter for fitness, but these can easily elevate your look no matter the occasion. But most importantly, they are comfortable from the heel to toe and that’s what is lacking from many athleisure shoes. Don’t feel forced to pick a side, choose one that is suitable for your lifestyle. Read on to find out which one tickles your fancy more.


When the strong and beautiful women seek a pair of shoe to conquer the world, the NOVA is definitely the first choice. Its unapologetic design best represent these women who make bold choices in life. The chunky sculpted tooling with a slim upper design inspired by the classic 90s running shoes. Fashion-forward detailing like the mesh and suede overlays in loud pops of colour that you see going across the sneakers also channel the 90s vibe but in a more modern approach.
Supermodel and activist, Cara Delevingne is the face of the Puma NOVA which undeniably is one of the best to represent courageous women across the globe. The Puma NOVA is available in PUMA Black and PUMA White — Lilac Sachet colourways, NOVA 90’s Bloc, priced at RM499.

Jaab XT

Continue training like a beast in the gym, but now go one step further with the help of the Jaab XT. Built to withstand any high-intensity workout moves: jumps, sprints, speed bag training, burpees and even tyre flips if that is the kind of workout you do, the Jaab XT features webbing support and rubber wrap-ups for guaranteed stability and power. Not only that, the Hybrid Foam adds on lateral support and allows multi-directional movements, while the Profoam technology gives extra cushion to the midsole. All of the above may be built into one pair of shoe but the design is obviously not neglected with its sleek silhouette and chunky sole. Jaab XT for women is retailing at RM395.


Jolin Lee
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