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Review: 60 minutes is all you need for ultimate relaxation at Away Spa by W KL

With so much going on in town, we sometimes find it hard to slow down. Carving a little time off from that busy schedule seems like an almost impossible task – we can perfectly attest to this. And so, we went on a hunt to find something that provides total relaxation and rejuvenation within the ‘concrete jungle’ – we found our answer at Away Spa by W Kuala Lumpur.

Choose between getting a quick fix under an hour or indulge a little longer with a full-body relaxation; Away Spa has everything figured out for you with its ultimate Glow experience.

There are specialty massages and body treatments tailored for your ‘Inner Glow’, on-demand facials and quick beauty fixes to boost your ‘Outer Glow’, as well as pre- and post-treatment offerings to enhance your ‘After Glow’. While these spa packages make a perfect gift for Mothers’ Day and for friends who are in dire need of some TLC, Away Spa invites you to a getaway into a peaceful realm within its newly completed space – ‘away’ from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur city centre.

The reception area doubles as a social lounge where you can order a detox juice to remedy fatigue and stress.


Away Spa is W’s signature spa concept that is designed to pamper the modern-day jetsetter, and those seeking to escape the ordinary. It is located on the 13th floor of the W Kuala Lumpur, in a 1,100sqm space decked in warm neutral tones for a soothing welcoming effect. As soon as the lift doors open, the upbeat music inside the lift disperses into pure serenity with a pleasant grassy scent permeating the space.

Its interior design is contemporary with a posh vibe that is accentuated through the super glossy surfaces and curvy lines. Treatment rooms get a swankier touch with pink-purple neon lighting effects – this shade of violet has a harmonising and tranquilising effect on frayed nerves and can quickly calm you down, keeping the mind at constant ease before, during and after your massage or facial.

The spa is also equipped with must-try facilities that entice from the very intriguing names – Aromatherapy Steam Bath, Bio Sauna with Infrared Lights and Vitality Pool. You can also head over to the B&F Bar for a nourishing detox experience especially if you’re nursing a hangover at Wet Deck the night before.

Violet light is used to promote calmness within the treatment areas.


There are six signature massages available including one with hot stones and another that can be personalised according to what you want. We gave the ‘Local Massage’ a go-to experience traditional Malay urut techniques that pay homage to the generational heritage in Malaysia.

Before the massage, we were given a form to indicate the desired intensity and strength of the massage, parts of the body that you’d like to focus more on, as well as other requests. Do not hesitate to address any concerns including healing wounds or recent sprains (if you have any), and even back pains.

Feel free to saunter into the ensuite bathroom for a quick shower before the treatment. The massage began very gently around the shoulder area, unlike traditional Thai massage that starts from the feet. Pressure travelled downwards around the back where the masseuse continued to locate stress points, loosening them up along the way. We felt the ‘knots’ untangle with a pleasant sensation – no harm was done during the entire course of the treatment.

The lingering scent of lavender enlivened the space with that much-needed relaxation that grew from within. With the mind at ease, you surrender your body to the masseuse who continued to work her nimble hands with much dexterity — and let us assure you that it is okay to snooze away during the treatment.

Surrender your body and mind as you sink yourself on one of these comfortable treatment beds.

For our ‘Outer Glow’, we were recommended the Rejuvenate treatment that is powered by Intraceuticals. This quick 60-minute facial uses pressurised oxygen and cutting edge hyaluronic acid technology to deliver specially formulated serums into the skin. You can instantly feel ‘something’ is being sprayed onto your skin, which is actually fine molecules of moisturising elements with high levels of oxygen entering your skin for a quick pick-me-up from within.

This treatment is in fact something that has been used by various celebrities before red carpet events, concerts and shows – the list includes the likes of Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian.

“Intraceuticals intensely moisturises the skin and you can instantly feel how supple your skin feels after just a quick 10-minute treatment. It also helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This quick boost lasts for weeks and acts as the perfect base before putting on make-up,” explained Intraceuticals’ Ambassador Gina Brookes, who emphasised on how the treatment also resulted in true glowing skin.

This painless facial treatment was surprisingly relaxing. Think of it as the breeze gently caressing your skin. Be sure to ask for complimentary service perks comprising anything from a quick shoulder press and scalp massage to an indulgent flower bath.

The Vitality Pool is where you want to have a quick dip.


Away Spa surprises with very high-quality and attentive massage and body treatments that can be enjoyed with its jacuzzi and spa facilities. If you’re not in a hurry, take your time to experience the steam room to nurse those strained muscles and enjoy some quiet time while you’re at it.

If you’re looking for a quick perk-me-up session before an important date or want something fuss-free during lunchtime, you can count on Away Spa’s Outer Glow treatments — an hour is all you need to look and feel good inside out. We’d recommend the ‘Rejuvenate’ or the 30-minute ‘Atoxelene’ treatment if you’re on a tight schedule.

Take your time after the facial to get ready in the treatment room that is equipped with everything you need in a vanity area. And if you’re already thinking of a staycation to experience the W brand’s hospitality, book yourself a pampering session at Away Spa to achieve inner, outer and afterglow all at one go – you don’t have to travel to the most remote island to do it.

All images courtesy of W Kuala Lumpur

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