Activewear for yoga? Sure, we’re down with that — but in a jumpsuit? Continue reading for our thoughts.

An activewear brand releasing a yoga-focused line is not particularly shocking. But with the announcement of sports giant Nike’s new Infinalon range, we couldn’t help but stop and scroll through some of its designs, especially when it comes with such a bold statement: “Designed to deliver infinite comfort on a yogi’s mat and beyond.”

The collection dropped online and in-stores in early April 2020 and you can view them here. The new pieces join the brand’s existing yoga collection but the feature that sets them apart is the Infinalon material.

Juliana Luna de Moura wears the new Nike Infinalon collection.

What is Infinalon exactly? The result of two years of research, it’s a material that focuses on four major features that most would look for when it comes to activewear, especially for yoga. These features are stretch, size, softness, and smoothness. Finer yarn is woven into multiple layers, which makes it a high-density material but still lightweight. It gives a breathable and light feel that any yogi would agree once they try it on. The fabric also provides sculpting, contouring and shaping benefits so you’ll be comfortable and at ease knowing everything will stay in place while you’re going into a downward dog.

If these facts still aren’t impressive enough, we’ve got our hands on one of the pieces from the collection to let you know if it’s the real deal. The Infinalon Jumpsuit is made out of the same soft, breathable material but in the design of a one-piece jumpsuit.

Nike Infinalon Jumpsuit features the same innovative material.
It has an open back to allow your skin to breathe.


First impression? This is one of the softest and smoothest activewear I’ve worn in my life. It may sound dramatic but it’s the best way to describe it. Its comfort level is very similar to the ones sold by a certain Canadian activewear brand (that we shan’t mention), but at half the price. It’s smooth but you don’t have to worry about the shorts riding up while twisting into a Dragon pose.

The fabric is also designed to have a ‘cooling’ feature with long vents at the centre of the chest and down the legs. Personally, I say it did its best in a well-ventilated room with just a ceiling fan but no air-conditioning. A regular 45-min yoga session got me sweating which is unavoidable, yet I still felt comfortable throughout the session as I didn’t feel the sweat clinging onto my skin the entire time. No sweat stains were spotted on the jumpsuit which is also a huge plus point. Then again, what’s a good yoga session without some sweat, right?

However, as for its design — a jumpsuit is not one that I would normally reach out to, whether for casual wear or activewear. Trying it for the first time was quite an interesting sight. As the jumpsuit is literally one-piece, it shows off what you have (or don’t have, like yours truly). It’s not exactly the most flattering piece of activewear I own, compared to high-waist leggings that allow you to ‘tuck’ it all in. Nevertheless, it’s still a cute piece. I also particularly like the open-back design, as it allows my skin to breathe a little more. I may not be reaching out to it in terms of design-wise, but it’s so comfortable and lightweight that I may end up wearing it all day when I’m working from home.

The Nike Infinalon Jumpsuit is priced at RM235 and can be purchased here.

(All images: Nike)

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