There are many things out there that help calm the mind and body. And, scented candles definitely rank high in this list. It is scientifically proven that candles have a soothing effect. They even help in boosting energy and enhance mental clarity.

So, if you want to relax or let the stress go, light up a scented candle with the fragrance that suits your mood and let it do its magic. And if you haven’t used one of these candles yet or want to buy a new one, here are some suggestions to get you started.

(Main and featured image: Le Labo)

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Available in beautiful ceramic holder, this candle is infused with essential oils featuring notes of violets, orange vetiver and sea salt. This one has a soothing effect will brighten your mood. The palm blend in the wax is sustainably sourced and the wick is made of 100 percent organic cotton.  

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If you are going for a mix of floral and spicy, Tom Ford’s luxurious Rose Prick candle is a perfect choice. This scent is inspired by the designer’s rose garden which features scents extracted from rose de Mai, Turkish and Bulgarian roses. Turmeric and Sichuan pepper give it the spicy zing. 

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Made with vegan-friendly ingredients, this candle comes in a plain white ceramic jar with a quote on the inside of the rim. Callippus — named after the Greek astronomer — includes notes of Frankincense, Guaiacwood and Shiso.  

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Bringing you the warmth of a fig tree, Figuier comes in a green blown glass container. With its fruity note, the aroma of this candle is fresh and awakens your senses. British designer Victoria Beckham is known to use this candle for her store and office.

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Inspired by the British poet’s spirit along with his outspokenness and taste for freedom, Byron is a sophisticated fragrance. The scent of the candle has notes of sandalwood, iris and cognac. It is packaged in a handmade glass container from Tuscany.

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Are you one of those people who love the smell of books? Then this fragrance from Byredo is for you. Bibliothèque means library in French and the aroma of this candle will transport you to one. Base notes of leather and patchouli are mixed with top notes of peach and plum to embody the quality of the paper.  

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Part of the candle collection based on some of the world’s most powerful stones, Quartz is an intoxicating mix of French rose and musky amber. Light one of these up for a warm and sensual scent to fill your space. The candle comprises clean-burning soy wax and 100 percent natural wicks and comes in a black matte container. 

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JLo loves Santal 26 and that’s reason enough for us to stock up on this candle from Le Labo. Described as an “aristocratic scent, this is a smoky and leathery fragrance. Available in heavy glass jars, all candles from the brand are made of soy wax, pure cotton wicks, hand-poured in the US and are vegan and cruelty-free. 

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No, it does not smell like pot, even though the name might suggest that. This “scandalous” scent, however, does give a smoky fragrance. The soy/paraffin blend has notes of black currant, wormwood, green apple and moss. The scent will give you a feel of crisp winter air and snow.   

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