Father’s Day — a special day to celebrate the man of the house. Show some extra love and appreciation by simply showering them with gifts and treats. And if you haven’t realised, the day is actually just around the corner, literally just days away. Before you start fussing and stressing on what to get for your father, relax and let us do the thinking for you.

Draw fashion inspiration from these Japanese gentlemen and purchase a brand new outfit for your dad. If he’s into smart gadgets that are not only effective but look great in the living space, these will fit that description perfectly. Plan a fancy dinner with the whole family at one of these rooftop restaurants that has the best view of the city, unless you want him to just kick back and relax, treat him to a spa day at any of these spa centres as gratitude for his years of hard work.

The treatments listed here are solely catered for men — from the massage techniques to its ingredients and essential oils used. With their expertise and also its luxurious environment, your father will surely be in bliss during and after the spa session and it’s definitely worth every penny spent. (Happy Father’s Day!)