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Stylish women’s CrossFit shoes to wear for your next workout session

Judging by the amount of classes gyms are conducting, getting into shape seems to be on top of everyone’s to-do-list. Whether it is crossfit or something slightly more advanced like Muay Thai, you are good to go as long as you have the perfect gym gear. Attire is one thing, but choosing the right kind of shoes may be a difficult task if you are new to this whole ‘working out’ fad.

Performance trainers may look the same, but there are specific features you ought to know before selecting one. As compared to those that are designed for running, both pairs may equally provide ample of cushion, but runners need more support at the back of the heel (hence, the thicker sole at the back) whilst crossfit athletes need to have low heel-to-toe sole. It gives your feet a more flat surface for better balance and grip. So when you’re lifting weights or doing squats, your feet will stay planted on the ground and bodyweight will be evenly balanced. Plus, the shoe with a firmer sole provides better stability but also high durability to withstand any aggressive workout regimen.

Another key feature to look for in crossfit trainers is a wide toe box. With enough space, your toes will have space to spread out and distribute your weight. If you wear one with a narrow front, you may be putting unnecessary pressure on your toes and this could potentially disrupt the effects of your workout session, or even worse — cause unwanted injury.

Before you start panicking, look over the shoes you’ve already own to pick the right pair. We’ve narrowed down the list to the top 5 best women crossfit trainers that are suitable, functional and also stylish — because you always #doitforthegram, no?

Reebok's Crossfit Nano 8.0

The latest generation of Reebok’s Nano has a newly re-engineered heel bootie construction that provides more stability and durability while you’re working out. The added cushioning CMEVA in the midsole keeps your feet more comfortable, along with toe tection feature that adds durability to the front area.

Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0, RM574.55

Nike's Metcon 4 Shoes

Metcon 4 is more durable than ever. Thanks to the innovative, textured print that reinforces the shoe from heel to toe, it won’t wear out as easily even if you’re lifting weights, sprinting, or pushing sleds. With added features like heel clip for extra stability, mesh on the heel and ankle to promote airflow, this can be your best trainers.

Nike Metcon 4, RM490


Puma's Defy Shoes

Elevate your workout experience with this pair of trainers. The shoes sit on top of a high rebound foam sole not only added comfort but also responsiveness, along with textured outsoles that can withstand multidirectional movement. Additional TPU is also added for extra support.

Puma Defy, RM488

Adidas' CrazyTrain Elite Shoes

Everything from the lightweight mesh used for the foot to the responsive cushioning is specifically designed to support multidirectional movements like jumping, lunges and explosive exercises. The cushion is their most responsive cushion ever — the more energy you give, the more you get in return in your stride. (sounds like a Black Panther suit, doesn’t it?)

Adidas CrazyTrain Elite Shoes, RM611

UnderAmour's UA SpeedForm AMP 2.0 Training Shoes

These are great for someone who’s looking for lightweight support yet still durable. Suitable for any type of training, the UA AMP technology gives the arch of your foot its freedom so you can move naturally and freely without any constraint. Alongside the trainers are strategically placed flex grooves and unique rubber pattern on the outsole for multi-surface traction and ultimate flexibility.

UnderAmour UA SpeedForm AMP 2.0 Training Shoes, RM549

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