Getting psyched enough for the gym is half the battle won, the other half is deciding what to do to best hit your fitness goals. For a long time, people have relied on personal trainers for carefully tailored routines, which are then yelled at them for a good torturous hour. The rise of fitness apps have, thankfully, revolutionised the way people work out today.

While there are plenty in the market now, the best fitness apps are all-encompassing. To prevent plateaus, HIIT training is often met with strength-building moves and yoga sessions, the latter of which helps speed up recovery. Some even go so far as to include meditation to promote mindfulness— after all, fitness in 2019 goes beyond the physical. The best part? Exercising with these apps are possible both at home and at the gym, making it extra convenient for any lifestyle. 

From the cult-favourite Sweat to the Chris Hemsworth-approved Centr, here are the best fitness apps in 2019 to start torching calories with.