It’s the kind of support you need to get through the day. 

Over the years, I was never one to work out alone at home, as I’ve always preferred the thrilling energy from being in a group class. With the pandemic, I had to make do and force myself to break a sweat at home, no matter how awkward it was doing it alone for the first time. Thankfully, I got used to it in time and found comfort with my at-home workouts. Even if no one can see you in your workout clothes, I always feel the need to dress up in cute sets to make my overall experience a little better. 

under armour

For someone who does spin and strength-training every other day, I’m always on the lookout for work out attire that can give incredible support and comfort. It’s common to find yourself in a situation where your gear can either be too loose, too tight or saggy as you move. In the spirit of International Women’s Day, Under Armour is here to make you look and feel good by motivating others with attire that suits your needs.

By receiving the ‘Make Her Better’ kit with the latest Global Hero looks, featuring the Armour Mid cross-back bra and no-slip waistband leggings, I feel more support, with no need for adjustments. This way, it’s the only ultimate motivation I need from now on to conquer absolutely anything.

Put it to the test

As soon as I received the package, my eyes gravitate towards the beautiful grape shade with pops of pink hue. With a cute set like this in my closet, I couldn’t wait to wear this out and decided to put it to the test with an indoor cycling class. 45-minutes have passed, and I could already feel the difference due to how soft and breathable the bra was, which made me feel like I was running on clouds. There was no discomfort and no need to adjust my bra mid-class too.

In terms of design, I’ve always opted for a crossover strap design for a sleek look to go with any other coloured leggings, just so it isn’t so plain. The best part? Designed with sweat-wicking material, it’s perfect for girls (including me) who sweats buckets after a killer workout. Ten minutes after my cool-down, my cross-back bra was already feeling lighter and dry, which I found to be amazing. 

Whenever I’m on the hunt for leggings, I’ll always search for a high-waisted design that feels buttery and smooth to the skin. The super-light HeatGear fabric used was so lightweight that it gives out a breezy feeling, once my workout was done. I was so surprised at how drying it was, leaving no sweat at all once my class was over. It’s crucial to find leggings that can give you the best support, coverage and comfort, and this legging checks all the right points. I never have to feel like I should change into fresh new bottoms after for a quick munch; just put on a hoodie or change into a tee, and i’m good to go.

When I say, it moves with you, I do mean it. 

(Hero image credit: Unsplash/Sven Mieke)

Amalina Anuar
Senior Writer
A writer by day and spin instructor by night. Amalina fuels her day with anything that’s covered in chocolate and breaking a sweat in the spin studio. With fashion and music as inspiration, you can find her obsessing over her favourite artist's music videos or swaying to funky tunes at live gigs.