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Under Armour’s “The Only Way Is Through” campaign defines what it means to push yourself

Sometimes the best way to keep going is to keep going.

Since its first debut back in January 2020, Under Armour’s “The Only Way Is Through” campaign strives to motivate athletes all around the world to put in the work and get better. Whether it’s through the pressure to push harder than ever, or the trials and tribulations outside the gym, the notion means something different for each athlete but the understanding is the same: whatever lies ahead, you’ve got to stay the course to come out better, faster and stronger on the other side.

And that’s the spirit of #TheOnlyWayIsThrough.

Under Armour has made its mark with its performance gear made with groundbreaking technology. The campaign represents the next frontier for the brand to bring to life the actual value of momentum, and how momentum through work helps athletes and amateurs alike to push themselves to beyond what they thought possible.

It’s not just about changing the mindset, but it’s also about delivering groundbreaking technology and high-performance sportswear and gear to help you reach their goals.

Going the distance

In line with their mission to make runners better, Under Armour launches the Flow Velociti SE that promises to go the distance—run after run, mile after mile. With great breathability and mechanical stretch, the Flow Velociti SE enhances the feeling of light and effortless speed. The upper of the shoe features a clean and simplistic look that’s one with your foot. With infused woven TPU yarn, it adds security with minimal weight and gives you a more secure and consistent fit over the life of the shoe.

The power of a second

The outcome of training and years of dedication can come down to a fraction of space or time. One more inch, or one more second. As the best shooter in the game, Stephen Curry knows the power of one second — the difference it can make between a great season and a historic one.

The Under Armour team took this into account when designing his signature basketball shoe, and so The Curry Flow 8 was launched — the first basketball shoe to be released under Curry Brand, and fitting for the NBA superstar who stuns on-court.

Strength beyond the physical

When it comes to physical training, being mentally strong is just as important, if not more. Believing in yourself is vital to pushing yourself toward your goal. Having the right gears helps develop yourself physically, and with both strengths in motion, you’ll be able to go through and endure every challenge that comes your way.

Under Armour’s UA RUSH™ and UA Recover make good use of the Celliant technology to promote blood flow just by wearing it. With mineral-infused fabric designed to enhance performance, athletes can get that extra edge recycling the body’s energy during workouts, which is essential to master the movements and keep moving. 

Under Armour’s latest performance products are now available at their online store.