Refined sugar, flour and grains (aka processed grains) have been getting lots of bad press lately. After all, they’re practically devoid of natural fibre, and are usually chockfull of chemicals, additives and preservatives. They’re also typically fumigated and bleached to give them their pleasing, delectable façade.

Despite being so nutritionally imbalanced, processed grains remain a main part of our daily meals. As a result, degenerative diseases have been on the rise, contributing to issues such as diabetes, obesity and chronic bone damage. The average person eats about 45kg of commercial bread each year, 1.3kg of which is refined sugar and 230g is comprised of sulfates, chlorides and bromate chemicals. Together, they create a multi-toxic effect that leads to poor health in the long run. Turns out the jingle “the whiter the bread, the sooner you’re dead” was true after all.

If you’re unsure about preparing these lesser-known grains at home, there are many restaurants out there which offer hearty meals consisting of these ingredients. For example, Open Door Policy has a variety of quinoa-based dishes on its fully gluten-free menu.

So instead of reaching out for that deceivingly fluffy bowl of white rice, here are 5 healthier options that would keep you as satisfied — and in a much healthier disposition.