Still feeling the rush? Slow down that heart rate with our curated workout cool-down playlist to soothe the mind and body.

No matter how hard you’ve worked and how far you’ve achieved your goal for the day, it’s always a great idea to spend some time after to cool down. Whether it’s through a series of stretches, or by staying in one place to focus on your breathing. Don’t forget about showing some love to your muscles by stretching after to avoid any stiffness and muscle cramps too. Always keep in mind that this helps to return your heart rate to a normal pace and blood pressure to flow regularly.

We’re sure you’ve heard already, but if you haven’t, you should check out #ONHERTEAM run to participate in the spirit of International Women’s Day. Gather your best crew, show up and flaunt your achievement once you’ve completed that 300km goal. You can work on it together as a team, or separately during your own time – it’s up to you. However, we guarantee that it’ll be a memorable experience.

Click play and save the playlist below if you want to bring your mind back to a calm state. Relax, breathe, work on those stretches and enjoy the tunes we’ve curated for you.

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(Hero & Featured image credit: Unsplash/ Lucas Favre)

Amalina Anuar
Senior Writer
A writer by day and spin instructor by night. Amalina fuels her day with anything that’s covered in chocolate and breaking a sweat in the spin studio. With fashion and music as inspiration, you can find her obsessing over her favourite artist's music videos or swaying to funky tunes at live gigs.