Braun Büffel breaks away from its conventional classics to embrace modernity for both genders in its latest Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

Creative Director Fabio Panzeri has taken a progressive and non-conformist approach to redefine Braun Büffel’s code of aesthetics in the age of millennialism and individualism. Taking cues from technical innovation, design ingenuity, sustainability and a passion for the craft that’s rooted deeply in Braun Büffel’s century-old ethos, Panzeri has shaped the collection with the theme ‘Individualism’, accented by a diverse and dynamic language.

Breaking away from conventional classics, the brand explores designs that transition effortlessly to fit the modern lifestyle. A diverse mix of materials from nylon to leathers with embossed exotic prints are observed, with a new reiteration of the #BBMonogram that anchors the men’s and women’s collection.

No one design is the same as the collection invites you to partake in a cornucopia of styles and shapes that rings with your personality. Within the women’s collection is a kaleidoscopic display of pastel tones including shell coral, milky blue and ask green, juxtaposed against modern silhouettes. Sending a message of positivity, the Braun Büffel’s woman is elegant, refined and portrays a confident image.

From the ultra-versatile Cate collection that’s favoured for its structured and seductive design inspired by Art Deco to the debut of new iconic ‘interlocking’ Braun Büffel logo emblem in the Larrah collection, the repertoire of arm candies this season evokes a playful, vibrant and celebratory spirit. Braun Büffel’s signature Ophelia line also gets an updated look with a youthful vibe, assuming a more sensual form paired with patent leather details and a new logo appliqué.

For the gents, the collection draws inspiration from sportswear and the attitude of the Braun Büffel’s man this season; sleek, modern and carefree. Panzeri also describes his muse as someone who loves to travel and revel in parties — the embodiment of youthful energy.

Patented in beautiful Nappa leather, the designs are meshed with a slew of materials including RetroFlex reflective fabric, recycled nylon, hardware and ceramic matte black logo appliqué. The Z-Gen collection embodies the rugged street style with a touch of functionality for the modern-day traveller. The brand’s technical expertise is also brought forth in the Layer collection that marries style, versatility and simplicity. Masterfully crafted in lightweight nylon with soft supple Nappa leather and embellished with a distinctive and unique contrasting dual logo treatment, pieces in the all-black Layer line are easily paired with any wardrobe style.

The #BBMonogram also makes a comeback in the Misty-M collection for the ladies and Pilot collection for the guys. The Misty-M line centres its lightweight utilitarian and multi-use design. The Pilot collection, on the other hand, is inspired by military camouflage, featuring a striking red zip puller reminiscent of parachute handles. The men’s accessories, crafted in nylon with Nappa accents are perfect for everyday commute or adventurous millennials. On its own, the #BBMonogram that debuted in its FW19 collection is a showstopper.

In its pursuit to echo gender neutrality, Braun Büffel answers the call with the Jumper collection that is equal parts millennial-street edge and voyage-ready utilitarian sensibility. Crafted in lightweight recycled nylon and Nappa leather with a new Magnetic Fidlock V-Buckle closure, the Jumper collection reinforces the brand’s commitment to sustainability, design ingenuity and technical innovation. It features shapes designed for urban adventurers — whether it is for travelling or as the everyday 16-hours unisex functional accessory for the younger generation. The rubberised Braun Büffel logo patch adds to a modern sporty appeal to the collection comprising a waist pouch, iPad case, messenger bag, duffel and a backpack.

Braun Büffel’s evolving aesthetics is evident in its latest collection while demonstrating the heritage brand’s immense potential moving forward. It stays true to its well-preserved timelessness and technical know-hows in leather craftsmanship but injected with a more creative appeal and versatility.

The latest SS20 collection is now available in Braun Büffel’s stores across Malaysia.

Martin Teo
Content Editor
Martin loves traveling the world to see ancient ruins and classical architecture. He enjoys the culinary experience of various cities but (still) refuses to eat anything insect-like. On a daily basis, he finds time hitting the gym to compensate for the amount of food he needs to eat just to write an article.