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Calling all MINIacs! Join in the spirit of “Big Love and Big Fun” at MINIfest 2023

The unforgettable MINI-styled festival, MINIfest, is here! From MINI showcases and exclusive test-drives to engaging workshops, experience the vibrant world of MINIfest 2023 — curated specially for the Big Family of MINIacs.

Crazy ‘bout MINI? The MINIfest is back this month, with a host of activities and entertainment for the whole family. On top of an impressive line-up of MINI showcases and exclusive test drives, you can also join in the vibrant live painting, live entertainment and engaging workshops at the MINI-styled festival.

Experience the ‘Big Love and Big Fun’ in the vibrant atmosphere of the festival. For this year’s MINIfest, MINI Malaysia is pulling out all the stops to put together an unforgettable event. Curated specially for the MINIacs, the MINIfest is set to create that unparalleled sense of community amongst the ‘Big Family’, where they can create new memories together over their shared love for the MINI brand.

Join in the jam-packed entertainment and let loose for the day. Taking place at the lively Sentul Depot, Tiffin At the Yard, you’ll be sure to enjoy some delectable delights at the festival from 14 renowned food vendors with special MINI-themed treats! And to get the gears going, the MINIfest promises a range of exhilarating activities — where you can try your hand at the MINI Slingshot and get a stunning view of the whole of the MINIfest — as well as lots of other carnival games, plus exciting prizes up for grabs. Be sure to check out live performances by the performers from Merdekarya, ready to rock the place up.

There will also be car boot vendors present throughout the event where you can browse (and even spend on!) a plethora of products catered just for the MINIac in you. From outdoor lifestyle goodies, fashion and fun collectibles, you’ll certainly be tempted. Plus, keep an eye out on MINI’s brand partners scattered all around — from accessories to little tidbits for you to take home, there’s something for everyone.

Think that’s all? Think again! Once you’ve registered for the event, you can also stand a chance to win thrilling prizes through lucky draws all day, so be sure to show up and put your luck to the test. The MINIfest also has something special in store for the kids. In collaboration with Modle.play, MINI Malaysia is hosting two exciting workshops as well as a charming kids’ play area with wooden playsets.

The little ones will have a chance to construct a Remarkable Battery Powered MINI from scratch and also spark up their creativity by designing personalised MINI keychains or jewellery.

MINIacs, there’s a special exhibition for you that chronicles the legacy of MINI vehicles, as told through the exclusive display of the MINI Classic, MINI 3-Door R53, MINI 3-Door R56, MINI Coupe R58, MINI Countryman R60 and MINI Paceman JCW R61.

The Rover Mini Cooper (left) and the MINI Paceman R61 (right), both of which will be on display at the MINI Garage Exhibition.

There will also be a Test Drive program that will run throughout the festival day, from 11AM to 7PM. Here’s your chance to take yourself on an electrifying cruise in the MINI Countryman and MINI Electric! Do pre-register now to stand a chance at the lucky draw.

Date: Saturday, 22nd July 2023
Time: 11 AM till 9 PM
Venue: Tiffin at the Yard @ Sentul Depot Sentul West, Jalan Stracha, 51100, Kuala Lumpur.

To find out more about the MINIfest 2023 or to pre-register head to its official website HERE.

Calling all MINIacs! Join in the spirit of “Big Love and Big Fun” at MINIfest 2023

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