Clarks Autumn Winter 2020 THEN. NOW. ALWAYS. Campaign fronts the iconic Desert Boot, fashioned by eight dynamic local individuals from Malaysia and Singapore; all with a story to tell.

For the last two centuries, Clarks has been an advocate of the ‘big picture and outside of the box’ thinking. The brand etched a milestone with the launch of the iconic Desert Boot in 1950 under the creative direction of Nathan Clark, fronting the shoes as a sartorial touchstone for trailblazers across creative disciplines and all over the world.

In its latest Autumn Winter 2020 campaign — THEN.NOW.ALWAYS. — Clarks highlights the Desert Boot’s enduring international and cross-generational appeal with its simple design and craftsmanship to create an instant classic code. The campaign combines past and present with a cast of maverick creatives whose tenacity and community-centric ethos embody both the brand’s rich history and its future path.

The collaborative cross-pollinated campaign in Malaysia and Singapore sees eight prominent individuals who are equally radical and influential in their own rights. They include actor and youtube artist, Sean Lee; actress, model and aspiring painter, Nia Atasha; actor and MMA fighter, Peter Davis; calligraphy artist, Jaemy Choong; sustainability advocate, Seri Mizani; recording artist, Narelle Kheng; singer, Tabitha Nauser; as well as beatboxing champion and musician, Dharni Ng.

Whether in the music industry or the art scene, these personalities campaign for the importance of staying true to yourself, what you do and what you believe in — as homage to the past, thriving in the present, and aspiring for great heights towards the future.

And in the midst of challenging and uncertain times, people all over the world are also turning to more sustainable and compassionate ways of life. Going back to its fundamental roots, the campaign fronts the brand’s most iconic Desert Boots, loved for its simplicity and heritage-meets-contemporary values as worn by these eight personalities.

In the spirit of ‘Then. Now. Always.” here’s what each of them has to say.

Clarks’ latest Autumn Winter 2020 collection is now available online and in stores nationwide.

Creative Direction: Martin Teo
Production (Malaysia): Colin Sim
Hair: Keith Ong
Makeup: Rae Seok
Production (Singapore): Headquartors Pte Ltd
Hair & Makeup: Benji Oo


Martin Teo
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