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Eyka Farhana and Naim Daniel reunite on set after nine years for PUMA x AMI

In a fashion spread with PUMA x AMI, Eyka Farhana and Naim Daniel share how their families have helped them get to where they are today.

It’s the last day of November and there’s tremendous excitement brewing in the air. The ground, still a little wet from the early morning drizzle-fest, carries with it a dense humidity but that doesn’t dampen the spirit of our personalities as they turn up with smiles on their faces. Birds continue to chirp in unison while a cool breeze flows across the bright and open rooftop of Castra by Colony.

Intriguing yet calm as a puddle, the beautiful Mediterranean-themed glamping site is set to become the primary site for our fashion spread with personalities Eyka Farhana and Naim Daniel, featuring PUMA‘s latest collection with AMI. The stars arrive on set — separately — but equally punctual and gloriously ready for a fun outdoorsy shoot.

Naim Daniel and Eyka Farhana don pieces from the latest PUMA x AMI collection

Here’s a little fun fact: this is not their first time working together. In fact, a little bird told us that they portrayed a couple as young actors all the way back in 2013 for a TV3 drama called ‘Ema Emyliana’. Nine illustrious years later, 27-year-old Eyka and 25-year-old Naim — both successful aces in their own ways — are reuniting for their second project together. Naturally, their chemistry is through the roof, full of playful jabs and sibling-like banters.

There’s another connection here we cannot forget though! Just like the humble and proactive pair, PUMA and AMI have come together to create the follow-up collection to their first PUMA x AMI launch eight months ago in March 2022. The debut collection was a scintillating triumph for the partnership, selling out across the world.

Naim Daniel for Puma X Ami
Naim Daniel sports a light blue zipper sweatshirt and black sweatpants from PUMA x AMI

Similar to the first ensemble, the second season of PUMA x AMI continues to delve into the bonds between family. Both casual and chic, the pieces are all about using elevated materials. Designed so all the pieces (including from the first outing) can be paired together, PUMA and AMI set out to introduce a contemporary take on product design. #ModernFunctionalist.

Ranging from oversized hoodies and sleek utility jackets to classic t-shirts and comfortable sweatpants, the colourful apparels are inspired by the essentials of the German sportswear brand. Global creative director of PUMA, Heiko Desens, together with Parisian label AMI’s founder and creative director, Alexandre Mattiussi, have concocted an impactful range of wearable items meant to transcend trends and zeitgeists.

Eyka Farhana for Puma x Ami
Eyka Farhana has fun posing with a bright orange logo hoodie from PUMA x AMI

That also includes bucket hats, sneakers, and bags — many donned with a new logo built using both companies’ signature emblems. Let’s just collectively agree that the pieces are perfect for an outdoor getaway, as seen in this fashion spread. At the core of the collection is, of course, a good and tight-knit relationship. The creations in the second collaboration reflect a powerful familial bond once again and it’s an important message that both Eyka and Naim can connect with. Decked in the stunning pieces of the new PUMA x AMI selection, the personalities express the importance of family in their respective lives — and how that has shaped them into who they are today.

For ‘Habis Sini’ singer Naim — who released his first full length album Fobia this year, family has been the backbone of both his personal life and career. His family has been integral in moulding his personality and mindset, while also being his safe space.

“Whenever I’m around my family, it’s me in my most vulnerable state. I’m even the comedian,” expresses Naim. He reminisces about the festive seasons when everyone would gather for good times together. He continues: “You should always share with your family. Whether it’s positive or something that troubles you, open up to them. After all, your happiness is their happiness too”.

Having to work extremely hard to get to where he is today, Naim understands from a very young age that he wasn’t born with a silver spoon. He shares with us an important advice his dad gave him as a child. “To be a good person, you need to have a good heart but to be a strong person, you should have a smart mind,” he conveys.

Since then, he has been mesmerised by that quote — one that would prove to be integral as his career in the entertainment industry continues to progress. Most recently, the artist’s song, Mainan, has also been selected as one of 12 Anugerah Juara Lagu finalists, joining the likes of Shila Amzah, Dayang Nurfaizah, Khai Bahar, and Joe Flizzow.

As for model, content creator, and Bunga-Bunga Syurga actress Eyka, there’s nothing more important than the bond between family. Just like being one with the pieces from the PUMA x AMI collection, she doesn’t shy away from being with her family. In fact, she values the time she actually gets to spend with her loved ones. Eyka’s family has also been very supportive of her and everything she does — personally and career-wise.

“Through my ups and downs, they have always been with me. No matter what happens, they will also accept me for who I am and be there for me,” she opens. As a personality in the public sphere, Eyka is no stranger to toxicity, both online and offline. On the other hand, her family’s positive support means so much more when it comes to combatting the negativity she has to face on a regular basis.

An important advice Eyka gives on maintaining a strong bond with family is travelling together as much as possible. It could also just be going for a hike or camping. On top of that, she also “works” with her younger sister who assists her at her jobs — and that allows them to be able to devote more quality time with each other. She adds: “I’m very lucky because everyone around me emanates good vibes. That really does make me stronger and more ready to take on the challenges, especially in my line of work”.

Looking ephemeral and chic while donning the latest pieces from the second PUMA x AMI collection, it’s clear from the way they speak and from the way they become one with the clothes that both Eyka Farhana and Naim Daniel have love for family flowing in their very veins. #WeAreF(AMI)ly. The all-new PUMA x AMI collection will be available in Malaysia starting 10 December 2022. Are you excited for the launch?

Learn more about the PUMA x AMI collection HERE.

editor & creative direction MARTIN TEO | interview & styling RONN TAN | assisted by ZIYIN TAN | photography BIBO ASWAN | videography HOYA | makeup SHIYO JOO | hair CODY CHUA | wardrobe PUMA X AMI | location CASTRA BY COLONY
Eyka Farhana and Naim Daniel reunite on set after nine years for PUMA x AMI

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