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Here’s why the Gucci Dionysus and GG Marmont remain the most coveted ‘It’ bags

The reign of Gucci is relentless. Everything Alessandro Michele touches is magic, and since his ascension, the Italian fashion house has muscled itself back on a pedestal, always managing to impress with the currency and desirability of each new collection. One particular source of hype for the Gucci label has been the women’s bags, especially the golden duo — the Gucci Dionysus and GG Marmont.

gucci marmont
The Marmont.

These two styles were some of the pioneering purses released by Michele, and they have since been reinvented countless times to appeal to different aesthetics, without compromising their iconic forms.

Dionysus, named after the Greek God of revelry and wine, is a structured clasp bag characterised by the U-shaped closure with textured tiger heads. It is typically made in the classic Gucci GG canvas. The Dionysus is in fact responsible for reviving that dated print, and making it cool again. You have seen this bag on the arms of massive stars, from Beyoncé to Alessandra Ambrosio, and its versatile enough to be wrist candy, no matter the dress code.

beyonce gucci dionysus
Beyoncé and her embellished Dionysus.

If the Gucci Dionysus is the sophisticated trailblazer, then the GG Marmont is its fun, irreverent younger sibling with equal appeal.

The Marmont was one of the first few new-wave Gucci products to flaunt the reworked interlocking G emblem. Its is a softer, more rounded accessory, often made with suede and accented with chevron quilting. The Marmont is another celebrity favourite, as seen on the likes of Dakota Johnson and Kendall Jenner. Like the Dionysus, it adapts effortlessly to different styles, making both the ‘It’ bags this year in their own right. It’ll be tough going to knock these off the crown.

gucci dionysus
The artwork for the 2017 Gucci Gifting, designed by Ignasi Monreal.

For the festive period this year, the Dionysus and Marmont have been jazzed up in pink, purple and black, embellished with Swarovski crystals and hints of gold. Those who want to cop either (perhaps both) can look to these unique new designs or buy yourself an earlier rendition of these stylish ‘It’ bags. You can also customise each to your liking at the Gucci store in Ion Orchard, Singapore. This will be an investment you will never regret.

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Here’s why the Gucci Dionysus and GG Marmont remain the most coveted ‘It’ bags

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