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Here’s your ultimate guide to choosing the most suitable and ideal TUMI luggage based on your own travelling needs

Here’s your ultimate guide to choosing the most suitable and ideal TUMI luggage based on your own travelling needs.

Do you remember the last time you flew abroad? Or even went on a day trip within your country? What comes to mind when you’re asked about your favourite place to visit? How about the ones on your bucket list?

With the opening of international borders, travelling has become common once again. And if there’s anything that’s certain after the many lockdowns, many are eager to go out — to see other parts of the country and the world. Even right here, Malaysians started visiting other states when restrictions were lifted. Well, when it comes to travelling, the luggage you use to carry your belongings is an integral component of any trip; be it near or far.

TUMI Unpack Tomorrow Luggage
Richarlison stars in TUMI’s ‘Unpack Tomorrow’ campaign

Of course, the right luggage makes all the difference and a name that immediately comes to mind is TUMI. Founded by Charlie Clifford in 1975, TUMI (which recently announced the Unpack Tomorrow campaign featuring Richarlison de Andrade, Reneé Rapp, Lando Norris and Son Heung-min), is known globally for its performance luxury essentials — whether it’s for travel or business. Whenever you’re on the move, you can rely on the range of TUMI luggage.

But if you’re unsure about which luggage to choose, here’s something to ease your woes; from TUMI to you! Now, let’s first identify the type of traveller you are.

For the stylish and fashionable travellers

TUMI Unpack Tomorrow Luggage
The 19 Degree Aluminum collection — as shown in the campaign starring Lando Norris — comprises strategically sculpted angles while its modern silhouette showcases a bold design inspired by the fluid elements of nature

Do you fly often? If your answer is yes, then you would want a piece of luggage that’s both light and easy to move around with. Whether you want to check in your luggage or carry it onto the plane, TUMI’s 19 Degree Aluminum luggage is the perfect companion. Known to be extremely durable, the luggage is a combination of both functionality with a contemporary design. With the contoured angles, every item in the 19 Degree Aluminum range appears fluid — alluding to the smooth journey you’re embarking on. Boldly designed, the collection takes inspiration from the fluid elements of nature with sculpted angles that are strategically created.

Take the Extended Trip Packing Case for example. On the outside, the luggage comes equipped with four dual-spinning recessed wheels and a three-stage telescoping handle system. In fact, the handle is made with aircraft-grade aluminium so expect only the sturdiest and most lightweight.

As for its interior, TUMI’s DuraFold™ method takes centre stage. Impact-resistant caps and heavy-duty stitching are included to ensure the best corner strength. This makes the 19 Degree Aluminum luggage ideal for frequent flying and long-term usage. If a statement piece is also in your mind, you’ve found the right range.

The 19 Degree Aluminum ensemble consists of an array of sizes depending on preference. There’s a check-in luggage for short or extended trips as well as options such as continental carry-on, international carry-on and the trunk. In fact, the trunk’s spacious compartments would be great for packing — especially if you’re a stylist or designer. The Rolling Trunk comes with shelves on both sides, which can also be collapsed if you require additional space.

For the business-oriented travellers

TUMI’s Alpha collection is popular for business and professional consumers

For those who pack a lot but want something that looks professional, you’d want a bag that can fit as many things as possible. All that while ensuring that the luggage’s structure stays intact. If something apt for family-centric travelling is on your mind, consider TUMI’s Alpha collection of soft case luggage — initially launched in 2008. Perfect for heavy packing, the Alpha luggage is popular for being extra roomy.

A very important element of the Alpha luggage is the very exclusive FXT® ballistic nylon fabric — a material TUMI first introduced in 1983. It’s soft yet enduring while the FXT® ballistic fabric (with a special coating and unique weave) assures that the luggage is as tough as it gets and safer from abrasion.

In addition, another really crucial factor that makes the Alpha collection excellent for heavy packers is its Lever Lock™ feature. Alongside spring-loaded levers that effortlessly open and close, you have additional packing space of up to 2.5 inches. With the expansion system, you don’t have to worry about over-packing which can end up damaging your luggage in the long run.

For the frequent flyers

TUMI Unpack Tomorrow Luggage
Richarlison with a piece of luggage from the Tegra Lite® collection

Whether you’re going on a long or short-haul flight, a bag that withstands the test of time ticks all the right boxes; regardless of how much you travel. In 2023, TUMI uncovered a reimagined Tegra Lite® collection; an upgrade from the inaugural range released in 2012. Now, consumers can look forward to elevated performance, feature enhancement and material innovation. The Tegra Lite® collection takes the cake in more ways than one — making it a fitting decision for travelling.

Every bag in the Tegra Lite® collection is made with sustainability in mind. Utilising a polypropylene thermoplastic composite material called Tegris, the hard-side luggage is particularly lightweight yet durable. Tegris, manufactured by Milliken, is the same component used in protective sports gear and lifesaving armour. Hence, there’s no denying that Tegra Lite® luggage is undeniably strong. Even on the inside, recycled materials can be found in the fabric lining.

It doesn’t matter if you’re flying from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok or to London, the Tegra Lite® range has a variety of options for you. Apart from deciding between carry-on or packing case types, there are also an array of colours to go for. They include Black and Graphite, T-Graphite, Sky Blue as well as Blush.

For trips with families

TUMI Unpack Tomorrow Luggage
The 19 Degree collection with Polycarbonate comprises a plethora of parts made with recycled components
Heavy packers might require a piece of luggage that’s not just efficient but lightweight too. After all, if your clothes already make up most of the weight, you’d want an option that’s on the lighter spectrum. This is why the 19 Degree collection in the Polycarbonate assortment would be a great choice. Designed for effortless travel, every model in the range offers expandable alongside a four-wheel system that’s quiet and seamless. The 19 Degree in Polycarbonate luggage comes fitted with anti-bacterial lining — making sure mould, mildew and bacteria don’t grow; and in turn, cause odour.

Created with lightweight mobility in mind, TUMI has also imbued the collection with the sublime Omega Closure System (unveiled in 2002). What that entails is that damage to zippers can be significantly reduced. The Omega zipper puller can be replaced with ease because, instead of the zipper, the puller will break away when caught. Like the 19 Degree collection made with Aluminum, the bags also have the X-Brace 45 Handle System. With a protective telescoping handle tube, the case’s overall weight is decreased — further benefiting families that need to bring more things.

Similar to Tegra Lite®, the 19 Degree collection (now available in seasonal colours such as Lilac, Coral and Mist in the 19 Degree collection as well as Dark Denim in the 19 Degree Aluminum collection) is also a sustainable option. The luggage’s shell is conceived from recycled polycarbonate. In addition, recycled water bottles are also utilised — a first for the brand’s hardside ensemble. Furthermore, the tie down stops on the inside of the luggage are concocted using recycled plastics.

Have a backpack from TUMI? You can stack it on any wheeled luggage via the brand’s Add-A-Bag System. Effortlessly, a secure hook helps you carry up to three bags at one time. Even better, you will find that some bags come with USB ports, allowing your devices to remain charged whenever and wherever.

Learn more about TUMI and its wide range of quality luggage HERE.

(All photos by TUMI)

Here’s your ultimate guide to choosing the most suitable and ideal TUMI luggage based on your own travelling needs

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