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In its Centre Court, Suria KLCC resurrects the streets of olden China, complete with nostalgic décor

The Year of the Rabbit has arrived at Suria KLCC. Immerse yourself in the streets of an ancient Chinese town, marvel at Malaysia’s biggest rabbit replica made of gold coins and manifest your dreams in an interactive ‘river’.

This Chinese New Year, Suria KLCC has pulled out all the stops for its anticipated festive decorations. The Centre Court has been transformed into olden China — complete with structures covered in aged wooden façades and upturned eaves that you would find in olden architecture. And amid all the ancient setup, a traditional Chinese gate tower stands erect as its centrepiece, welcoming you into the immersive experience.

“Honouring a holiday steeped in ancestry and heritage, Suria KLCC’s Centre Court has been transformed into an ancient Chinese town inspired by the magnificent ancient cities and villages of China such as Pingle, Dali and Lijiang,” says Andrew Brien, CEO of Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd.

Get transported into olden China

As you enter the ancient town, you’ll find yourself in a vibrant bazaar with an assortment of offerings as the streets come alive. Be sure to catch all the tiny details that make the traditional Chinese town as immersive as can be — a rickshaw perched on the side of a ‘road’; bright red lanterns that line the streets, washing the space aglow; and even a ‘river’ with realistic koi fish.

This interactive ‘river’ is perhaps one of the most unique elements brought to the Centre Court. Here, the sparkling waters call to you — literally! — and lets you experience the thrill of flipping virtual ‘coins’ from the screen of a tablet and into the ‘river’. A little ways from this river, you’ll come across a Wishing Tree where you can share your hopes and aspirations for the new year… time for you to manifest that they come true! All donations made at the Wishing Tree will also be pledged in support of Suria KLCC’s partner NGOs, in furthering the Mental Health Awareness agenda.

The nostalgic touch of décor continues in Ramlee Mall, where you can find an array of stunning backdrops for photos. Want to commemorate the moment? Head to the photobooth, where you can get complimentary print-outs and e-copies.

Stepping out into the Esplanade, you’re immediately greeted (in an ultra-grand way) by Malaysia’s biggest rabbit replica made of gold coins — as certified by the Malaysia Book of Records 2023.

Of course, not forgetting the iconic Lion Dance performance. Once a week from the 7th to the 23rd of January, you’ll be able to catch a performance at the Centre Court at 2pm. On top of that, the Acrobatic Lion Dance will be held at the Esplanade on 8th, 10th, 15th, 22nd and 23rd January at 5pm.

Out on the Esplanade, you’ll find Malaysia’s biggest rabbit replica made of gold coins.

Even more rewards in Suria KLCC Group malls

The theme of ‘Old China Town’ carries over to Alamanda Shopping Centre in Putrjaya, evoking a keen sense of nostalgia as you embark on your shopping trips. With the campaign’s redemption programme, you’ll be able to receive an RM30 Alamanda shopping voucher when you spend RM600 and above in a maximum of two receipts at specialty stores. Spend RM1,500 and above in a maximum of two receipts at any specialty store and you’ll earn yourself an RM80 Alamanda shopping voucher.

Enjoy a highly energetic performance of Acrobatic Lion dance on stilts — and on the first night of Chinese New Year, you’ll even get to catch an exciting Dragon Dance, complete with LED lights. In another show that’s steeped in Chinese culture, you’ll be able to watch an amazing “face-changing” feat of a performer dressed in a traditional opera mask and costume.

The fun doesn’t end here. Put your creativity to the test by trying your hand at making a “tanglung” using red packets. Whoever completes their lantern the fastest wins, and the top three winners will be rewarded with RM30 Alamanda shopping vouchers.

Over at Kemaman’s Mesra Mall, the theme is ‘Year of the Rabbits’, giving a spotlight to this year’s zodiac animal. From now to 22nd January, spend RM350 in a maximum of two receipts at any specialty store and you’re able to redeem a premium Chinese New Year gift set of four bowls with chopsticks.

For more information and latest updates about the Chinese New Year festivities at Suria KLCC, visit its official website or follow Suria KLCC on Facebook.

In its Centre Court, Suria KLCC resurrects the streets of olden China, complete with nostalgic décor

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