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Let The Macallan help you with perfect gift options this coming Lunar New Year

Need a gifting suggestion for loved ones this coming Lunar New Year? The Macallan has something truly special for you.

A lot of excitement and anticipation hover around the thought of festive occasions. The opportunities to celebrate common and shared episodes with loved ones have always been held dearly and close to heart. It’s really easy to understand why as well. Joyous and happy affairs are worth commemorating as a collective, sharing and savouring the most precious moments with the ones closest to you.

Every festive celebration has its own unique traditions that have been forged over time — bringing all the different generations together and making new memories that will last a lifetime. It’s ditto for Lunar New Year, which actually begins on 22 January in 2023. It’s an auspicious season many all over the world look forward to, including here in Malaysia where shopping malls never fail to impress with their Lunar New Year decorations. Maybe even right after 25 December. Wink wink.

With the Year of the Rabbit fast approaching, it’s only normal that we will start seeing (and hearing) more of mandarin oranges, red packets, Chinese New Year songs, and fun lion dances. Of course, you can’t leave out the tradition of gifting. These customs play such integral parts in shaping how the Lunar New Year is celebrated annually.

The Macallan Lunar New Year 2023
The Macallan A Night On Earth In Scotland is the perfect whisky for Lunar New Year 2023

If you’re unsure of what to get your loved ones this Lunar New Year, The Macallan is here to help — with a desirable curation of astute single malt whiskies. Suggestions for perfect gifts from The Macallan include A Night On Earth In Scotland (which comes in a limited edition packaging for Lunar New Year) as well as evergreen ranges such as Double Cask and Sherry Oak. These are all great gifting options as we hop into 2023.

In conjunction of this very significant event, American visual artist Erik Madigan Heck has partnered with the distillery to bring A Night On Earth In Scotland to life. Through his signature style, he created both still life and abstract images to capture the true essence of The Macallan’s illustrious 198-year history. They comprise The Macallan Estate and Speyside landscapes as well as the distinctive flavour profiles of Sherry Oak and Double Cask whiskies.

Get ready to feel lucky in every drop together The Macallan and let’s take a deeper dive into each item in the The Macallan’s Lunar New Year 2023 limited edition gift. We are starting this special journey with The Macallan A Night On Earth In Scotland. Made to convey the celebration’s idea of bonding, the whisky — inspired by a Scottish New Year’s Eve celebration called Hogmanay — also sees The Macallan work together with Erica Dorn, a Japanese-French illustrator.

A Night On Earth In Scotland (with 43% alcohol by volume or ABV) has a warm ember colour that’s reminiscent of the role of fire in the Scottish celebration. On the nose, expect hints of baking biscuits, plum, baked apple, and vanilla. Palate-wise, the one-of-a-kind whisky has a flavour profile of dried oranges, cinnamon, toasted marshmallow, and rich mouth coating (think shortbread). Biscuits are staples during Lunar New Year, especially during house visits, and this particular release takes one back to those moments with its finish of freshly baked biscuits and sweet butterscotch.

The Macallan Lunar New Year 2023
The Macallan partnered with artists Erik Madigan Heck and Erica Dorn

Of course, The Macallan’s portfolio is extensive. The Sherry Oak range alone consists of the 12 Years Old, 18 Years Old, 30 Years Old, and more. There’s also the Double Cask range such as The Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old. With 40% ABV, this whisky is created by blending European oak casks with sherry seasoned American casks. The partnership — described as perfect — results in the making of a harmonious single malt, a nod to Lunar New Year as well when people unite and gather under one roof for a good time.

The single malt has a colour that takes you directly to the thought of the Harvest Sun, evoking the most positive memories. Each arousing whiff of the whisky emanates lemon, candied orange, fudge, sweet oak, and vanilla. In fact, the latter is represented in Erik Madigan Heck’s still life for The Macallan. Wondering how the Double Cask 12 Years Old tastes? Visualise the sensuous fusion of orange peel, gentle spice, creamy toffee, and milk chocolate raisins. Alongside a medium sweet oak finish, you already know your loved ones would be enjoying this single malt this Lunar New Year and beyond.

Another gift option you can consider is The Macallan Double Cask 15 Years Old. This single malt whisky, with an ABV similar to A Night On Earth In Scotland, is as exceptional as it gets. Hand-crafted American and European oak casks seasoned with dry Oloroso sherry were specially selected to mature this whisky for 15 years. Its golden butterscotch hue conjures ideas of the role that wealth (think ang pows) play during Lunar New Year (or for Malaysians, Chinese New Year).

The Macallan Lunar New Year 2023
The Macallan Double Casks range comprises the 12 Years Old, 15 Years Old, and 18 Years Old

Need an elegant and opulent whisky to go with nian gaos and steamed fish ()? The Double Cask 15 Years Old’s regal characteristics might just do the trick. On the nose, experience a felicitous matrimony of smooth oak, chocolate, and baked apples — with apples being an integral part of the distillery’s portfolio. As for the palate and finish, look forward to a tinge of nutmeg, cinnamon, creamy vanilla, sultana, and sweet raisin before arriving at the finishing line with oak and spice that lingers. Exactly like how the communal spirit should be, even after the festivities.

This coming Lunar New Year, there’s so much to be delighted and passionate about. It’s a prosperous and blessed time of the year after all, filled with prosperity, good fortune, and of course, traditions. Lunar New Year is a festive period when families and friends come together to enjoy, not just the celebrations, but also each other’s precious company. In 2023, take things up a notch with The Macallan’s divine gift options, comprising the A Night On Earth In Scotland (with a specially designed limited edition festive look) as well as classic whiskies from the Double Cask and Sherry Oak ranges. Remember to savour responsibly and don’t drink when you drive!

Learn more about The Macallan HERE.

(All photos by The Macallan)

Let The Macallan help you with perfect gift options this coming Lunar New Year

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