LSA Digital Cover Vol. 006: Glenn Yong

LSA Digital Cover Vol. 006: Glenn Yong
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A Breakthrough to Success

In our October issue, we dive into the life of the pop world’s latest idol: Glenn Yong, Singapore’s multi-hyphenate rising star. While many in the entertainment industry take years and even decades to be discovered, it proves the opposite for Glenn. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” is an old adage that perfectly encapsulates Glenn’s career thus far. From building up his acting portfolio to his first foray into music just this year, and now pursuing his dreams of becoming an activist, Glenn is set to be a jack of all trades. A young icon of Southeast Asian pop culture is in the making.
LSA Digital Cover Vol. 006: Glenn Yong

On the Cover: Glenn Yong

This month, Singaporean actor and singer Glenn Yong graces the cover of Lifestyle Asia KL's Digital Cover Vol. 006. We speak with the rising idol about how he channels the true spirit of his craft across mediums, what kick-started his passion for activism, and his love of fashion. Read on to learn about Glenn behind the public persona.
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“Being an artist, I feel that I have to find a purpose that's not just about being famous or having a lot of people following you. It's about what you do with what you have, and with the influence that you have. And how you can give back.”
Glenn Yong
LSA Digital Cover Vol. 006: Glenn Yong

Music as a Powerful Instrument

“Listening to BTS gave me a lot of comfort during the days when I needed it. I think that made me realise there is power in music. The feeling is just really different. And if I can be a musician and a singer and do songs that are uplifting and empowering, I think that would really mean a lot to me.” — Glenn Yong
LSA Digital Cover Vol. 006: Glenn Yong
Self-Expression Through Fashion
For rising star Glenn Yong, style is an interpretation of one's self. Throughout his life, fashion — especially Coach as a brand — has played an important role.
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