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Lifestyle Asia KL partners with 1664 Blanc for an exclusive Bon Appétit-lah gastronomy experience curated by the imaginative Chef Tyson Gee of ATAS Modern Malaysian Eatery at The Ruma Hotel & Residences, featuring Malaysian and French creations with a twist.

The LSA Makan Club is back in session, and this time in collaboration with 1664 Blanc for its Bon Appétit-lah gastronomy experience. As France’s No. 1 premium wheat beer, 1664 Blanc aims to elevate special moments shared together through delicious food and drinks, with loved ones. 

Embracing the joy of living — or as they say in French, “joie de vivre”, Lifestyle Asia also celebrates the spirit of ‘living the good life’ with the multi-sensorial Bon Appétit-lah campaign. The Bon Appétit-lah campaign aims to take guests on a gastronomic journey into the world of French-Malaysian cuisine at participating restaurant and bars including ATAS Modern Malaysian Eatery. 

The firsts to sample the exclusive menu are LSA Friends, Kittie Yiyi, Jovane Phang, Eric ‘Flowerboy’ Lim, hairstylist VV, Josh Kua, Wardy Yap, Juztin Lan, Wayne Phoo and Geraldine Gan. Chef Tyson has also created an extraordinary vegan menu especially for model Natalie Prabha for the night. 

As part of the LSA Makan Club experience, the guests were presented with a curated menu that featured an amalgamation of flavours between French and Malaysian cooking to pair with the refreshing twist of 1664 Blanc wheat beer, and the newly launched 1664 Rosé. 

Bon Appétit-Lah!

As aperitifs before dinner, the guests have a choice between two specialty cocktails made with the 1664 Blanc and 1664 Rosé. The 1664 Blanc cocktail carries profound citrusy notes that bring out the brightness and freshness of the wheat beer. The second cocktail, made using the 1664 Rosé, is beautifully nuanced with sweet and fruity flavours.

The menu starts with a delightful starter, Amera Tomato, Whipped Tofu, Asian Glaze, Herbs. Locally-grown Amera tomatoes, known for its rich, full-bodied and sweet flavours, are presented in its purest form, then balanced with complementing elements — creaminess of the tofu, kick from the pepper, and herbaceous perfume from the local herbs. While the dish celebrates the freshness of simple ingredients, it reminds us of the 1664 Blanc that is expressively refreshing on its own. 

Next is the Hand Dived Scallop, Finger Lime, Tropical Caviar, Belimbing Dressing. Plated the French way, this dish is elegant yet packed with flavour bombs — zesty, umami, and citrusy. It is an excellent pair with the 1664 Blanc cocktail, that is in harmony with the flavours on the plate. As a vegan option, Chef Tyson whips out a Roasted Beetroot, Aged Balsamic, Sourdough, Cashew that pairs beautifully with the 1664 Rosé cocktail. The dish is earthy and complex with plenty of mouthfeel throughout every bite, while the 1664 Rosé cocktail simply elevates the complexity of the dish. 

The next entree on the menu comprises Lobster and Foie Gras Dumpling, Ginger, Shellfish Emulsion, Pomelo. Plump and perfectly made, the dumpling is generously filled with succulent pieces of lobster and silken foie gras for a melt-in-your-mouth sensation. The pomelo pulp adds a Malaysian touch while providing brightness to the dish that is beautifully cradled with an oceanic emulsion (akin to a seafood bisque) and a touch of heat from the ginger. For the vegans in the house, a Pumpkin and Mushroom Dumpling, Coral Fungus and Broth is served — a symphony of umami, earthiness and savoury notes in each mouthful. And if you’re wondering how pumpkin and mushroom can pair with the 1664 Blanc, you have to give this menu a try — it is surprisingly refreshing, with sweet malty accents dancing on the palate. 

As the dinner progresses, the palate continues to experience a melange of flavours that truly complements the refreshing notes of the 1664 Blanc and the fruity freshness of the 1664 Rosé. Chef Tyson and his team present the fourth course to add another layer of complexity to the gastronomic experience. The Sea Bream, Sweet and Sour Guava, Cashew Tahini, Hot Mint, comes in a theatrical presentation that celebrates the fish. Deep fried, the scales heighten its visual impact that is as equally beautiful as its mind-blowing flavours. 

In the vegan corner, the Charcoal Roasted Cabbage, Celeriac, Soy Glaze is brought forth. It is one of the best cabbage dish we’ve ever tasted. The veggie, beautifully charred on all the right places, is generously glazed for a punch of umami that’s enhanced by the roasting that has been pushed to the edge, and folded nicely with the luscious celeriac puree for a heavenly pairing. “I can eat one whole roasted cabbage,” says Natalie Prabha as she requests for seconds (but there’s nothing left). 

A Melange of Mains

Guests continue to sip the specialty 1664 Blanc and 1664 Rosé cocktails, that are both great palate cleansers, before sinking their teeth into the mains. Meat lovers will enjoy the A5 Wagyu, Black Garlic, Highland Vegetables, Jus or the Iberico Lamb, Black Garlic, Highland Vegetables, Jus. Both dishes flaunt perfectly cooked protein — juicy and pink in the centre — elevated with shavings of fresh truffle the rich flavours of black garlic for a much needed pick-me-up. 

Does it pair well with beer? Whether you’re sipping on your beer-cocktails, the 1664 Blanc or 1664 Rosé, the refreshing flavours provide balance and respite to the red meat’s rich flavours. 

The vegans for the night sample the Soy Braised Eggplant, Red Glaze, Fried Shallot, Prickly Ash, Coriander. Tender, savoury and umami are three words to describe the dish that oozes rich flavours — a surprising element for a vegetable-forward recipe. The addition of ‘bawang goreng’ that we Malaysians are so familiar with brings the whole dish together with a beautiful Malaysian twist. Have a sip of 1664 Blanc wheat beer to refresh your palate after every mouthful, because why not?

By now, two hours have passed quickly and the guests are teased with a beautiful plate of dessert inspired by the nuances of 1664 Rosé — Strawberries, Strawberry and Vanilla Curd, Vanilla Meringue, Strawberry Gel, Pandan Oil. Bright, fruity and refreshing, the sweet dish comprises multiple elements that, when eaten together, create an explosion of flavours that makes the perfect ending for the night. As a vegan option, the meringue is replaced with a soy jelly, that is unmistakably enjoyable as well.  

Editor of Lifestyle Asia, Martin Teo and representative from 1664 Blanc, Ms Lee Yee Mei with fellow LSA Friends at the LSA Makan Club in partnership with 1664 Blanc for Bon Appétit-lah.


There is no denying that Chef Tyson Gee has a knack for creating fusion dishes that celebrate the beauty of Malaysian flavours. With both the 1664 Blanc and 1664 Rosé as the main stars of this gastronomic journey, the chef has managed to concoct unique dishes that complement and highlight the refreshing twist of the beer — both to enhance its flavours or to alleviate the palate fatigue that the rich flavours have done to us. 

While the 1664 Blanc Bon Appétit-lah menu is substantially luxurious with a great balance in terms of the choice of proteins and veggies, the 100% plant-based menu is, if not better, equally impressive and hearty. 

Beyond charred cabbage and roasted beetroot, we are head over heels over the simplicity that the dishes bring (celebrating French codes) and the unexpected burst of flavour bombs that is very much Malaysian through and through. 

1664 Blanc Bon Appétit-lah

ATAS will be offering the curated 6-course experience at ATAS’s Chef Table at RM548 per person, with a minimum pax of 8 persons per dining experience. The dinner will be paired with 1664 Blanc or 1664 Rosé. 

Available until 31 August 2022

For reservation, WhatsApp +603 2778 0735 or e-mail atas@theruma.com

Follow 1664 Blanc on Facebook or Instagram for more happenings, or head to its official website to learn more about the Bon Appétit-lah campaign. For non Muslims 21 years old and above only. If you drink, do not drive. Please #CelebrateResponsibly #1664Blanc #BonAppetitLah #GoodTasteWithATwist 

photography SAUFI NADZRI | videography POR JIA JUN
LSA Makan Club: 1664 Blanc Bon Appétit-lah offers French-Malaysian creations with a twist

Martin Teo


Martin has a bent for history and food culture, especially of the Peranakan heritage. Since the pandemic, he finds joy in plant parenting and continues to expand his collection of Philodendrons, Anthuriums, and Syngoniums. On his free time, he finds time scouring through the latest cafes in search for the best croissant in the city.


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