Truly there’s no place like home.

As we’re settling down into this new sense of normalcy — staying indoors more than we do outdoors — the home has become the centre of our lives. It is more than just a space that houses our belongings and where we find respite throughout the day and night. The home is now, more than ever, a sanctuary for the mind, body and soul. 

And with more time spent at home, it is essential to recreate a space that helps elevate the mood and enliven your spirits at home. BoConcept‘s new timeless 2021 collection revolves around that concept of creating your own haven amidst the uncertainties the pandemic poses. The new entry-level collection consists of soft organic curves, cocooning forms and high-comfort materials that create the perfect place for rest, relaxation and entertainment without compromising style.

While you can view and shop the pieces here, read on below to know more about the latest offerings from BoConcept 2021 collection.  

Zürich Sofa

The Zürich sofa has ample armrest and flexibility to provide ultimate comfort while you sit back and relax, retails from RM7,095 onwards.

The Zürich is introduced due to the increasing demand for compact furniture. The sofa holds dimensions that are very much suitable for those that are living in lofts yet without compromising comfort and aesthetic. Its ample armrest and fixed cushions are part of what they convey as visual comfort. Giving the illusion of length, one can appreciate the horizontal folds and stitching details across the selected leather finish. 

The silhouette is also made light thanks to its raised stance, with organically shaped matte black legs. You can decide to sit back and relax by simply adjusting the headrests with one satisfyingly smooth tilting motion. And with the rise of customisation and personalisation, you can put together your preferred arrangement and choose from the 13 modules as well as over 120 fabrics and leathers available.

Modena Sofa

The Modena Sofa comes in 18 different modules and over 120 finishes for personalisation, retails from RM4,445 onwards.

When it comes to the concept of creating a ‘home at the centre’, the Modena features softened sharp edges and corners. Designed by Morten Georgsen, the organic expression of the sofa is further emphasised with soft pull-in stitch details, adequate seat thickness, curved Modena arm and sloping backrest.

Its low backrest and high sculptural legs sport a minimal and contemporary design to match any living space. One also has the option to customise the Modena, with any of the 18 modules and over 120 fabric and leathers to choose from. This allows you to match the sofa to your very existing space and personal lifestyle. 

Kingston Dining Table & Princeton Dining Chairs

Danish furniture designer, Morten Georgsen created the Princeton and Kingston to be soft, welcoming and feminine. Still threading along the lines of organic curves, the hard edges are softened and Kingston’s legs are gently tapered instead of the usual delicate matte finish. The Kingston also comes in two lengths, both fashioning BoConcept’s popular butterfly extension leaf function for extra space during special occasions.

As for the Princeton, Morten’s interpretation of a subtly feminine expression is equal parts lightness and curvaceousness. The elegant backrest also adds on to the idea of a cocooning effect; providing comfort with human interaction in mind. Both designs are created to be light, accessible and never imposing.

The 2021 collection also features a vast collection of accessories including lighting, ceramics, mirrors, rugs, and more.

Now, it’s time for a home makeover as you put the ‘home at the centre’ of your life.

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Images: BoConcept

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