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The art of grooming for men isn’t something to be ashamed of in our modern times. In fact, it’s a necessity if you want to make a good impression on other people. If you need guidance, simply take a look at the BOSS Bottled Man of Today, Chris Hemsworth as the perfect example of a manly gentleman that still manages to look impeccably on form.

In the same vein, emcee and yoga practitioner Hansen Lee and influencer Muhammad Faiz – also known as Firezze on social media – share some of the grooming tips they personally practice. Both agree that applying sunscreen on a daily basis is important – after all, protection from UV rays is of utmost importance. As for hair styling, there’s no hard and fast rule about products. It all boils down to picking what suits each individual’s hair type better. For Faiz, it’s a clay product for his thicker hair to hold it in place.

Beyond these pointers that Lee and Faiz have discussed in the video above, there are also more grooming tips that every Man of Today should know of:

  1. Never spritz fragrance onto your clothes – always directly onto the skin.
  2. Focus on spritzing perfume on your pulse points: the neck, below the ears, behind the wrists, and the inner elbows to make your perfume last longer.
  3. When applying perfume on your wrist, don’t rub them together. The friction will break down the notes of your perfume faster and you won’t be able to enjoy the transition from the top to the base notes. 
  4. If you want your fragrance to be more intense or longer-lasting, layer your perfume by spritzing it on several times.
  5. When styling your hair, use a product that suits your hair type. For example, wax and pomade for thicker hair, and sprays for thinner hair types.
  6. There are no Dos and Don’ts on growing out your facial hair. If you’re planning on growing them out, keep it looking neat with regular trimming and conditioning with beard oil.
  7. Every man should already have a basic skincare routine in existence. Take it one step further by putting on a lightweight sunscreen before you head out to protect yourself against the harmful UV rays.

It goes without saying that no grooming routine is complete without a spritz of a BOSS Bottled fragrance. For daily use, the classic BOSS Bottled will be the perfect scent. On days when you need to feel refreshed and reinvigorated, pick the BOSS Bottled Infinite with its notes of mandarin orange, sage, and lavender. If you’re heading out for the night and want something bolder, it has to be the BOSS Bottled Absolute with its intense, spicier scent.

With the BOSS Bottled, you’re now the best version of yourself, the complete image of the Man of Today.

The BOSS Bottled is available from RM214 to RM357; the BOSS Bottled Infinite from RM281 to RM375; and the BOSS Bottled Absolute from RM281 to RM525. The perfumes are available at all departmental stores and Sephora outlets.

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Video: Studio 20twelve
Hair & Makeup: Zac Lee
Styling: Nigel Lee
Special Thanks To: Moods Design, Stellar Works, Linds Furniture, Vitra. 
On grooming, a conversation with the Man of Today

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