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Every modern man will have a set of basic style rules they live by. But to truly stand out as the BOSS Man of Today, it helps to have a bit more than the basics. In a conversation between emcee and yoga practitioner Hansen Lee and actor JC Chee, the two men explore some style tips that will be useful for the Man of Today.

Who is the Man of Today? For that, we look towards Chris Hemsworth, star of the BOSS Bottled Man of Today campaign. He is a man of style and substance, able to pull off a suit immaculately yet exudes the same finesse when dressed down casually. Yet on the topic of the suit, most men tend to think of it as an outfit only to be reserved for the best of occasions – Chee is one who echoes that sentiment. “I always think of the suit as formal wear, not something that I can wear every day,” he muses with Lee.

Instead, Lee suggests wearing the suit with a basic T-shirt instead of a button-down shirt to give it a more casual, everyday look. Even wearing it with sneakers is a good option, especially if you stick to something that classically works, such as a white pair. As both stylish men continue trading tips on how to best pull off the classic menswear staple in the video above, they’ve also provided us with additional style tips every Man of Today cannot be without:

  1. Never let the sleeve of your coat go past your wrist.
  2. Always choose a fitted shirt to go under your blazer.
  3. If you want to make a suit smart-casual, opt for a T-shirt instead of a button-down dress shirt. Suits aren’t made just for formal occasions.
  4. Sneakers are the footwear of choice when it comes to dressing down a suit for everyday wear. A plain, white option is the easiest choice.
  5. Don’t be shy to experiment with subtle dashes of colour — think a coloured tie, socks or a watch.
  6. Always complete your outfit with a fragrance, paired to the occasion.

Naturally, no outfit is complete without a spritz of the right fragrance – the BOSS Bottled. For everyday looks, the classic BOSS Bottled will be the perfect scent. On days when you need to feel fresh, opt for the BOSS Bottled Infinite with notes of citrusy mandarin orange. Finally, when you’re planning a night out, it has to be the BOSS Bottled Absolute with its deeper, spicier scent.

With the BOSS Bottled, you’re now the best version of yourself, the complete image of the Man of Today.

The BOSS Bottled is available from RM214 to RM357; the BOSS Bottled Infinite from RM281 to RM375; and the BOSS Bottled Absolute from RM281 to RM525. The perfumes are available at all departmental stores and Sephora outlets.

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Video: Studio 20twelve
Hair & Makeup: Zac Lee
Styling: Nigel Lee
Special Thanks To: Moods Design, Stellar Works, Linds Furniture, Vitra. 
On style, a conversation with the Man of Today

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