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PUMA Southeast Asia champions everyday women with the “We Are #MayuGirls” campaign

We want you to be the next Mayu Girl. And to inspire all you Mayu Girls out there, Lifestyle Asia KL is collaborating with PUMA for a special giveaway — so read on and show us what you got!

Look around you. Each and every woman you see has a story to tell — an inspiring one, a tickling anecdote or one that is hard to chew. These stories of everyday women represent their values and fighting spirit, as well as their goals and adventures that they carry with them all the time.

PUMA Southeast Asia’s “We Are #MayuGirls” campaign celebrates the authenticity and diversity of everyday women. She embodies the Mayu Girl attitude of being confident, inspiring and passionate. She is a role model to her peers and those around her. She breaks free from societal limitations and pursues her passion and goals with grit.

This is what she is and what she does. The Mayu Girl defines her own norms.

Although the Mayu Girl is the go-to aspiration for most, she can’t always be expected to be the flawless, hard-pressed superhero. She is independent and strong, but stumbles and is vulnerable a times. But the Mayu Girl never gives in and always looks for the brighter side of things. She picks herself up, dusts herself off, and continues onward to get what she wants.

The Mayu Girls featured in the campaign

“We Are #MayuGirls” doesn’t just celebrate the crowning glories of these individual women but changes the narrative through collective inspiration. Across all domains, PUMA strongly believes that women have the collective power to move the needle and to propel those around them forward through their own unique achievements. And that is the essence of the campaign — to be the zeitgeist of empowerment through real stories of diverse individuals with the common thread of a confident, inspiring and passionate Mayu Girl,” shares Eleanor Wang, PUMA Southeast Asia’s Head of Marketing.

“We want women to know that no matter the background or profession, anyone can be Mayu Girl too, with the right attitude,” she adds.

So, look around you. Look to your mother, wife, sister, daughter, colleague, and best friend. The spirit of the Mayu Girl is everywhere and can be found right beside you at your dinner table. Or, you can check out these trailblazing Mayu Girls below if you’re in need of some immediate inspiration!


Professional Muay Thai fighter, Nur Amisha Azrilrizal lives by a never-give-up principle.

The Mayu Girl is the embodiment of a fighting spirit who struggles but forces her way forward to get what she wants. And that is quite literally why Nur Amisha Azrilrizal makes the perfect Mayu Girl specimen. She joins PUMA’s call as a professional Muay Thai fighter and to her, the Mayu Girl spirit is all about staying true to your passion and reaching for your goal with a never-give-up attitude.

“Muay Thai has never just been a sport for me, nor has it ever been about medals. Since young, Muay Thai has been my pillar of strength and a torch to guide me through my darker days when bullying from peers was something I faced,” recalls Nur Amisha of her journey. “Staying true to who I am and persevering has allowed me to thrive despite the environment. Now I am standing tall and proud to be a part of PUMA’s “We Are #MayuGirls” campaign to inspire those who are facing similar challenges.” 

While Nur Amisha is an exemplary example, the Mayu Girl isn’t limited to one style of role model. The spirit of a Mayu Girl can be shown more subtly, but definitely does not burn any less intensely.

Dentist and content creator, Dr. Kayla Teh addresses the importance of pursuing your goals with passion.

Here is another excellent example of the quintessential Mayu Girl. Dr Kayla Teh, a Malaysian dentist, shares that the spirit of the Mayu Girl is not about pursuing the most illustrious career, but having the right attitude towards the everyday task.

“As a content creator who’s also a full-time dentist, I often get asked on how do I do it all. Truth is, it’s not easy. But I am a firm believer in hard work and a positive attitude. Challenges to me are not hardships, but opportunities for growth. That’s the Mayu Girl spirit that truly resonates with me — that no matter what challenges we face, embrace it with the right attitude. Don’t be afraid to pursue our goals with passion and inspire those around us,” she shares.

Want to be part of the #MayuGirls and win amazing prizes? Here’s your chance now!

Winner: Digital Fashion Shoot* with Lifestyle Asia KL and PUMA Suede Mayu Products & Vouchers worth over RM 1,800.
1st and 2nd Runner up: PUMA Suede Mayu pack (shoes + merchandise worth RM877)


    1. Check out the PUMA #MayuGirls Filter under the ‘Filter’ tab @lifestyleasiakl or access it HERE via mobile
    2. Strike a confident pose with PUMA #MayuGirls Filter and post it on your IG Story
    3. Tag @lifestyleasiakl and hashtag #MayuGirls #PUMAXLSA

Remember to set your account to public and multiple entries are encouraged!

Contest starts on 10th September until 28th September 2021. Winners will be contacted in October 2021.

*Photoshoot will take place in Klang Valley and depending on government lockdown restrictions.

The campaign launch is introduced alongside PUMA’s latest colourway of the reimagined Suede Mayu shoe design sported by global singer and icon Dua Lipa earlier this year. The Suede Mayu transforms PUMA’s iconic Suede silhouette with a playful take on fashion while combining over-the-top proportions with a wrap platform midsole. Equal parts comfort and versatility, the new Suede Mayu is the perfect everyday shoe for all occasions.

To celebrate the launch of “We Are #MayuGirls”, limited-edition PUMA pouches will be given away to buyers of a new pair of the Suede Mayu sneakers. The limited-edition pouches will include a Suede Cleaner, PUMA Socks, and a complimentary 20% off in-store voucher. These are PUMA-retail stores exclusive available only at PUMA stores*. The PUMA Suede Mayu retails at RM469.

*(PUMA AEON Bandaraya Melaka; PUMA AEON Tebrau; PUMA Gurney Paragon; PUMA Gurney Plaza; PUMA IOI City Mall; PUMA KLCC; PUMA Komtar JBCC; PUMA Kuantan East-Coast Mall; PUMA One Utama; PUMA Pavilion KL; PUMA Queensbay Mall; PUMA Sunway Pyramid; PUMA The Gardens)

For more information about PUMA’s “We Are #MayuGirls” Campaign, visit https://go.puma.com/MY-SuedeMayu

PUMA Southeast Asia champions everyday women with the “We Are #MayuGirls” campaign

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