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In conjunction with its 10th anniversary, Tailored Jewel partners with Lifestyle Asia KL for an intimate session at its first jewellery experience centre in Malaysia.

The 4 ‘C’s of the diamond — colour, clarity, cut and carat weight — carry a lot of significance when it comes to the selection, but what do they really mean? Tailored Jewel aims to enlighten us all on this topic, and so in collaboration with its 10th anniversary, the brand hosted a special jewellery session with LSA friends at The Boulevard, Mid Valley last week.

On the invitation list were lifestyle bellwethers Andre Amir, Yaya Zahir, Shalma Ainaa, Wan Immar Izzat and Sarah Lian; friends from the music scene, Ong Fuying and Yeoh Wai Hong; and The Z List 2022 awardee, the entrepreneurial Jaymond Tan. As part of the 10th anniversary event, the guests were treated to an exclusive close-up look at the brand’s latest lifestyle collection, Aura.

First established in 2012, Tailored Jewel is a multi-award-winning jewellery brand that was recently recognised by the International Innovation Award 2021 by Enterprise Asia. The brand’s focus has always been on its exquisite craftsmanship — based in Hong Kong, so it has access to some of the highest quality diamonds and precious metals.

At the beginning of the event, founder Ethon Low touched on the brand’s journey since its inception ten years ago. Tailored Jewel has reinvented itself for the modern age, focusing on e-commerce and online retail to make premium fine jewellery widely available ‘without the hefty price tag’. The showroom at The Boulevard, Mid Valley now stands as Malaysia’s first ever Jewellery Experience Centre where you can view the pieces up close, and learn all that you need to know about diamonds.

During the session, the attendees were given a brief yet thorough lesson on what it is that gives the diamond its unique properties and the differences between natural and lab-grown diamonds — followed by a hands-on session where our LSA friends got to try on the jewellery themselves. We gained new and unsettling insight on the natural diamonds that we all love — for every carat of diamond mined, there is a significant amount of mineral waste created. Hence, lab-grown diamonds pave the way for a more eco-friendly and sustainable future. The brand’s Beyond collection, which sheds light on both the beauty and benefits to the environment with the use of lab-grown diamonds, were also highlighted at the event.

To their surprise, the guests were unable to tell the difference between the natural and lab-grown diamonds when they tried on the Beyond collection, and marvelled at unbelievably similar qualities of the diamonds even to the trained eye. According to Tailored Jewel’s Zachary Soo, this is due to the fact that the brand’s lab-grown diamonds happen to share the same properties of natural, mined diamonds.

The session also served as an exclusive introduction to Tailored Jewel’s latest lifestyle collection, Aura. Inspired by all things nature and the atmosphere (‘aura’) around us, the Aura collection is defined by bright flora and precious gemstones: marigold orange and buttercup yellow sunflowers shape the necklaces; natural amethysts, emeralds and sapphires loop the bracelets; and akoya pearls are attached to the earrings. The Aura collection is an expression of colour in perhaps its purest form.

The guests got to take home a personalised Tailored Jewel gift box, complete with a gemstone that matches their respective birth month.

The Aura collection by Tailored Jewel is now available in-store at The Boulevard, Mid Valley or online HERE. You can also visit the Tailored Jewel official website for more information.

Puteri Yasmin Suraya

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