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Tissot PRX 35mm Powermatic 80: a bold, visual feast; a blend of playful and daring

This one’s for the free-spirited and the youthful. Tissot’s latest release, the PRX 35mm Powermatic 80, is all about the rhythm of time told through vivid hues.

If there’s one thing that’s a constant in the summer, it’s the vibrant colours and bright splashes. Summer is best associated with sensory delights: the daring ambience, the lively company and the fun of dressing up to experience them. Whether your summer means a chic rooftop party or a stroll down a bustling city street, nothing is more pleasurable than the fullness and warmth of life. And to capture this captivating feeling, Tissot brings out the PRX 35mm Powermatic 80 in two new iterations: enchanting ice blue and radiant gold.

Echoing that ‘free spirit’ of a ‘70s summer, the latest iteration of the Tissot PRX is truly the ideal timepiece for the season. The gold variant recalls the height of the disco era, adding a touch of boldness to any outfit. And the ice blue variant, a gentler contrast with its steel case, brings forth the image of cool snow on a crisp morning or a patch of sunlight on concrete.

In presenting the PRX 35mm Powermatic 80, Tissot put together a stunning campaign that puts the essence of the watch front and centre. The setting is a bowling alley, vibrantly lit in bright hues of pinks and blues. The campaign’s protagonists, donning the watch on their wrists, embody both allure and cool poise through mischievous grins and playful laughter — reflecting the spirit of the timepiece.

A brief history of the PRX

At Tissot, ‘PR’ stands for ‘Particularly Robust’ or ‘Precision and Resistance’ — a concept the brand has upheld since its foundation in 1853, and only further strengthened with the release of Tissot’s Seastar series in 1952.

This ‘robustness’ is owed to a newly developed ‘floating’ movement in the classic Tissot watch, as well as flexible joints of synthetic materials acting as shock absorbers. And thus, the ‘PRX’ is a model series that is waterproof up to 10 bars (hence the ‘X’), due to an armoured glass recessed to a thick case. Unbeatable and excellent in design and functionality, it’s unsurprising that Tissot’s PR series went on to become the watch for all.

Beneath the striking facades

As well as being equipped with an automatic movement, the Tissot PRX 35mm Powermatic 80 also offers an 80-hour power reserve (hence the name!). Encased in a 35mm steel or gold-PVD body depending on its variant, the watch boasts polished and satin-finished details, adding to the sleekness of the build. The waffle pattern is noticeable on the dials — a distinctive style that’s different from the quartz counterparts, adding a unique refinement to this particular timepiece.

The date is displayed at 3 o’clock in a bevelled applied window, and it takes a little more than a squint to notice that the indices, along with the hour and minute baton hands, are coated with Super-LumiNova®. And as if that’s not enough of ushering in the brightest and shiniest season yet, the watch’s polished steel bezel, engraved crown and robust sapphire crystal certainly do the trick.

Tissot’s PRX 35mm Powermatic 80 is finished with a respective steel or gold-PVD bracelet, and a triple-blade folding steel clasp to keep the grip on the wrist all through rain or shine. And thus, what’s a better way to define the summer than to live it up in your style? Make it a riot of colours while you can, just as the dial of the Tissot PRX tends to keep it.

To learn more about the new Tissot PRX 35mm Powermatic 80, head to its official website HERE.

Tissot PRX 35mm Powermatic 80: a bold, visual feast; a blend of playful and daring

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