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Unlock the Bars: Atas Speakeasy shakes up a fresh cocktail with pomelo and Martell Noblige

Unlock the Bars brings us over to Ipoh to check out the limestone city and explore a unique side of Tambun where the largest citrus fruit in the world is grown. Together with host Venice Min and the guys behind Atas Speakeasy Bar, we explore Ipoh beyond its famous chicken rice and tau foo fa. In this episode, we get a better understanding of the pomelo and how it is potentially the perfect citrus component to cocktail-making.

Steven Vooi from Atas Speakeasy Bar explains how the bar scene in Ipoh is definitely booming with more themed bars opening. As the first hidden bar in the town, it breathes life to the town’s night scene while allowing nomadic travellers to enjoy a drink or two that will leave a lasting impression.

Thus, the creation of a new cocktail that celebrates the rich soils of Ipoh using its famous pomelos. Naturally, Martell Noblige releases a more intense expression interlaced with dark chocolatey nuances. But with the new cocktail named ‘Tambun Nobility’, what you’re getting is a breath of fresh air. It is made using peach liqueur, pandan syrup, orange bitters and a special pomelo shrub made using the largest citrus fruit from Tambun.

There are two types of pomelos grown in Tambun; the white flesh is mildly sweet and fragrant while the pink ones are sweet and sour.

Pomelo shrub is a concentrated syrup combining pomelo flesh, sugar and vinegar. Vinegar is simmered with sugar, cooled and poured into a mason jar of pomelo. The mixture is left to ferment for a few days in a dark room to allow the flavours to intensify into a silky syrupy texture.

The cocktail combines the sweet and citrus notes with a touch of the bitterness of pink pomelo as well as fragrance from a homemade pandan syrup to create a cocktail that truly embodies the flavours of the fruit. What you’re getting is the exact burst of juiciness, freshness and subtle sweetness from the fruit itself — but in a form of a potent cocktail.

Vooi gives the concoction a good shake to quickly chill the cocktail without diluting its flavours. 

Served with colourful edible flowers from Cameron Highlands and dehydrated lemon for extra pizzazz. While it is an easy drink to sip — especially for lightweight tipplers —the drink is a great aperitif that takes you on to your second glass within minutes.

Tambun Nobility made using Martell Noblige.

Want to try making it yourself? Vooi shares the recipe of this easy-to-drink cocktail.

Martell Noblige

Peach liqueur

House-made pandan syrup

House-made pomelo shrub

Orange bitters

Block of ice

Dehydrated lemon & edible flowers as garnish

Otherwise, take a quick drive to Ipoh to enjoy the fresh and floral flavours of Tambun Nobility made with Martell Noblige, and we assure you that it is like eating the citrus fruit itself. Tambun Nobility will be available at Atas Speakeasy Bar, Ipoh from now until 29th February 2020.

(Special thanks to EP Yaying)

Unlock the Bars is a collaborative initiative between Martell and Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur to explore the possibilities of blending Martell Noblige cognac with locally-inspired elements. Unlock the Bars travels to different cities in Malaysia to unearth new talents in the country’s vibrant bar scene and invites you to taste the unique creations of Martell Noblige.

Unlock the Bars: Atas Speakeasy shakes up a fresh cocktail with pomelo and Martell Noblige

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