In the first episode of Unlock the Bars, we take you to Georgetown, Penang to explore the cultural heritage of the Straits Settlement as well as its vibrant gastronomic scene comprising the best of both worlds – from street food to hidden bars that are all the rage in recent years.

Taking inspiration from the Toh Soon Café, a rustic coffee shop tucked in an alley along Lebuh Campbell, head bartender of Manchu Bar, Penang, Sheng Sjeng recreates the flavours of the classic eggs and toast into a new cocktail. 

Bread is toasted inside a charcoal furnace for extra oomph.
Toh Soon Cafe is a popular breakfast spot for local Penangites.
Would you ever think of having a drink that tastes exactly like roti bakar? All the familiar tastes — toasty bread, sweetness from the kaya (coconut and egg curd) and the richness of butter — can be enjoyed in one sip. Manchu Bar’s Sheng creates just that – The Morning After as the name suggests pays tribute to the local breakfasts enjoyed by generations. The drink gets its sweet dark caramel notes and a hint of burnt butter from Martell Noblige that is paired with the fragrance of coconut and pineapple for a sweet base. When shaken with fresh egg whites, the concoction is creamy and smooth, perfumed by the aroma of torched coconut to infuse a touch of smokiness to the drink.

Sheng demonstrating the making of ‘The Morning After’.

Want to try it at home? Sheng shares the recipe of this inventive cocktail.

Martell Noblige
Monin Coconut fruit mix
Monin Pineapple fruit mix
Coconut juice
Lemon juice
Bols Triple Sec
Fresh egg white

The Morning After made with Martell Noblige.

Otherwise, make a trip up north to Penang to have a go at this roti bakar-inspired cocktail for a limited time only. The Morning After will be available in Manchu Bar, Penang from 1st to 31st December 2018.

Unlock the Bars is a collaborative initiative between Martell and Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur to explore the possibilities of blending Martell Noblige cognac with locally-inspired elements. Unlock the Bars travels to different cities in Malaysia to unearth new talents in the country’s vibrant bar scene and invites you to taste the unique creations with Martell Noblige.

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