PUMA x Balmain, created with Cara Delevigne is designed for those who bravely take a stand for what they believe in.

It’s not easy to be genuine with yourself — deep within, there’s a constant struggle between true self and ego. This is not just any collection, according to Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain. “Cara is a good friend, and this is the fruit of a shared vision,” notes the designer. “Everyone involved—PUMA, Balmain, Cara and me—was determined to create something timeless. Above all, we knew that our message needed to be a strong one, reflecting exactly who we are and what we believe in,” he said.

Image: @soniachew
Image: @soimjenn

This partnership takes the form of two limited-edition capsule collections but combining three different forces: the irrepressible spirit of Cara Delevigne, the luxurious sensibilities of Balmain and the performance heritage of PUMA.

Sonia Chew is wearing PUMA X Balmain Woven Track Jacket.

Here comes the big question, what are you fighting for? Sonia Chew and Jenn Chia, both different personalities but with one goal in mind. Now it’s time to fight the good fight.

Watch below for their answer.

It’s easy for one to lose him or herself whilst persuing a career — it’s no different with radio and TV personality, and PUMA ambassador, Sonia Chew (@soniachew). “I got lost in the desire to become more successful — I took on every single job out there, hustled so hard that it affected my health and personal life,” she shared.

It’s a constant struggle to be yourself and batting the desire to become more successful. Sonia became someone she didn’t recognise, but she fought back.
Talent: Sonia Chew
Hair and makeup: Emily Zempel from Exclusive Artists Management
Videography: Greenhouse Productions
Clothes: PUMA x Balmain collection

We are constantly exposed to the glitz and glamour of social medial; which automatically led us thinking that being a social media influencer is one of the easiest jobs in the world. Take a couple of pictures here and there, post it online and there you go, your bank account expands. However, what you don’t see is the constant struggle of staying true to yourself and giving into other people’s demands.

PUMA ambassador and Malaysian content creator, Jenn Chia (@soimjenn) is no different. The smiley persona you see is indeed genuine, but there is more than just making comedic videos for social media.

Video produced and edited by SOIMJENN

The PUMA x Balmain collection is now available. In Malaysia, PUMA KLCC, PUMA Sunway Pyramid; In Singapore, PUMA SELECT MBS and Limited Edt. Chambers.

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