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When one thinks of whisky, chances are the thought of The Macallan will cross your mind. Its smooth, velvety-like texture that coats your taste buds is very much like falling in love for the first time. The Macallan is the sort of brand that sets itself on a different level than many other whisky distilleries around the world as it’s more than just a whisky; it’s a way of life. The Macallan brand is all about making the call and doing the best one can do in life. This is why The Macallan 12YO Double Cask shares the same wavelength with Shaun Liew, co-founder of Flying Monkeys as well as Wizards at Tribeca.

The Macallan 12YO Double Cask
Shaun Liew of Flying Monkeys. (Image: 17 Works)

Starting out as a lecturer for the Berjaya University, Liew had greater ambitions in mind than just nurturing talent. Not long after, the proposal of opening a restaurant seemed far too great to set aside. Years later, Wizards at Tribeca is one of the hottest places to see and be seen, alongside its ever-changing menu that elevates the industry in Malaysia. Now, he has Flying Monkeys, which is located in the same building.

The Macallan brand itself, it brings out the best in people. As for The Macallan 12YO Double Cask, it’s a single malt whisky with many different connotations. It’s a drink that requires no introduction; a drink that many would toast to for a celebration, an achievement, or a significant milestone. It’s all about making the call and going with your gut feeling.

Watch the full video to see Shaun Liew’s entire journey through the world of coffee, entrepreneurship, and camaraderie, all the while with The Macallan 12YO Double Cask by his side.


Special credits:
Photographer: 17 Works
Location: Flying Monkeys and Wizards at Tribeca

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