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Want to prevent hair color from fading? Try this 30-day challenge now

Join us for the 30-day Hair Miracle Challenge! With the new Pantene Miracles Color Shine Range, you can keep your colored hair vibrant and healthy in just 30 days.

We strive to look good and attractive for various reasons. One of the many ways to keep your appearance sharp (and make heads turn) is to ensure healthy-looking hair. Trust us, there will be some point in your life that you’d find coloring your hair an essential part of your hair regimen as a form of self-expression.

However, coloring your hair comes with some undesirable side effects because of the chemicals in the dyes that damage and weaken hair. Maintaining freshly colored hair also ensures that your hundreds of ringgits don’t go to waste. 

Let’s start by taking a holistic approach to hair health and color with the new Pantene Miracles Color Shine Range. We absolutely love the Pantene Miracles Color Shine Shampoo that is formulated to provide the extra care that your hair deserves. Perfect for any color and bleached hair, this sulphate-free shampoo gently cleanses your hair while repairing any damage to cuticles for a glossy colored lock with preserved hues — works even if you’re fashioning a rainbow hair or shades of a unicorn (or brown ombre effect with highlights like mine).

For best protection and results, use Pantene Miracles Color Shine Shampoo with Pantene Miracles Color Shine Capsule Mix Cream and Pantene Miracles Color Shine Treatment. Allow us to uncover colored hair myths and explore how you can retain the color and shine of colored hair in just 30 days.

Understanding why hair color fades so quickly

There are many reasons your hair color is fading quicker than it should — and sometimes, you wouldn’t even know that it’s happening. Washing your hair too frequently is the main cause of premature color fade, especially when you’re doing it daily and not using the right shampoo. Make sure that the water is not too hot as hair cuticles will open for longer and color fading will follow.

It is always a good idea to look for sulphate-free and color-safe shampoos as well. In the first month, avoid scalp treatment solutions as they can strip the color from your hair.

Another common mistake is to not air-dry the hair. Using too much artificial heat can also cause damage to your freshly colored hair. Letting the hair dry naturally is highly recommended, and using styling tools that generate heat is discouraged. If you need to blow-dry, turn down the heat to be safe.

However, the biggest contributor to color fade is exposure to sunlight. Little did we know, the sun produces harmful UV rays that not only cause hair color to fade, but will also burn the hair. It is also important to know that sulphates can also cause hair color to fade faster than we think. Otherwise, wear a hat to protect the hair.

What’s in the Pantene Miracles Color Shine range?

There are three products in Pantene Miracles Color Shine range. Pantene Miracles Color Shine Shampoo gently cleans and repairs damage to cuticles for luscious, glossy colored hair. Formulated with advanced beauty essence, Pantene Miracles Color Shine Capsule Mix Cream helps repair severe damage that hair dyes may cause while preventing fade. Regular use of these premium products will result in clean, strong, healthy and beautifully colored hair but it shouldn’t stop there.

The Pantene Miracles range is also fortified with Pro-vitamin that enrich and benefit the hair for the best results. Pro-vitamin plays a pivotal role in maintaining the adequate level of protein that the hair needs. The Pro-vitamin formula also helps hair feel soft while keeping your locks vibrant and healthy.

Preserve the color with Pantene Miracles Color Shine Treatment that penetrates deeply into your hair and rejuvenates hair strands with everything they need to stay healthy and strong.

The superior ingredient in question is the Liposhot, a high-class serum that took over 15 years to develop which takes care of major concern; hair becoming rough and dry. Dryness happens when hair strands become hollow, and what the Liposhot does is replenish the hollow strands — leaving hair nourished and cashmere smooth. Liposhot keeps hair moisturised while repairing damaged hair to restore its life.

Let’s not forget about colored or bleached hair! While flaunting beautiful, glossy colors is totally a win, taking care of it can be a nuisance. Well, now you can relax because your hair care arsenal can become stronger for a whole color care-specific collection. Say ‘Hello’ to Pantene Miracles Color Shine Collection.

Join us for the 30-day Hair Miracle Challenge

There is no denying that when your hair looks amazing, you will feel extra confident to slay the day. Moreover, if you ever wanted to impress someone and attract their attention, you can do so with freshly dyed hair. This will make you the centre of attraction.

What if we told you that you can also achieve remarkable results in 30 days and enjoy the same effects as how your hair looks like the moment when you walk out of the saloon on Day 1.


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Content creator Mona shares the same sentiment: “With hair saloons reopening after the lockdown, aren’t we glad to have our hair trimmed and colored? To keep my freshly colored hair fixed, I have discovered the new Pantene Miracles Color Shine series that is formulated to protect and repair color-treated hair. I’m on my 30-day challenge and I cannot wait to see the results on Day 30!”

Join the #30DayHairMiracleChallenge with us by sharing a picture of yourself on Day 1 and Day 30. Share with us your amazing hair results and the beautiful hair color that keeps you smiling from ear to ear. 

All you need to do is head to Watsons online store, and get your hands on the new Pantene Miracles Color Shine range to start your 30-day challenge*. We’ve just placed an order through the Watsons online store and cannot wait to get on the #30DayHairMiracleChallenge! Take part with us and stand a chance to win an iPad mini and Pantene Miracles Color Shine Kit. 

*Terms and conditions apply

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