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Watch now: Syafiq Kyle describes Versace Dylan Blue as his ideal woman

Unlike the glitz and glamour you see onscreen, not many know about the hardships and challenges actors face. They’re sometimes given multiple roles and characters that they may not be used to, in addition to rehearsals that last for hours, weeks, and even months. These are just some of the challenges that Syafiq Kyle had to face throughout his career, but it’s certainly not slowing him down in the slightest bit.

A strong and confident man, yet sensitive at heart, he believes in the importance of family. Just like the Versace Dylan Blue fragrance, there are many facets to Syafiq Kyle’s character.

The Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme is an aromatic woody scent with fresh aquatic notes for the gents. Then, there is also the Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue, the newest addition to the Dylan Blue collection — a floral, fruity, and woody scent for women. Each has its own unique strength while exuding sensuality and elegance — a characteristic that Syafiq Kyle hopes to find in his ideal woman.

Watch the video below to see how Syafiq Kyle relates to the Versace Dylan Blue.


Videography: NZP.
Makeup and hair: Alvin Loh

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