Can you survive a month without wearing a pair of jeans? Uh, we don’t think so. The fact that denim pants can match whatever top you have in your wardrobe makes the thought of not putting them on a tough feat even just for a week. Whether you’re tall or short, plus size or slender, jeans are closet staples you can’t live without.

They are as versatile as classic white shirts and you can wear any casual combo regardless of the season — from sending you off to the supermarket aisles to exciting vacation spots with your best buds, rain or shine. It’s no wonder women around the world choose to own an average of eight pairs of jeans at a given time.

While trends in denim come and go, some pairs of jeans will be staples forever. No matter how the fashion industry promotes bell-bottoms or boyfriend jeans lately, must-haves like the straight leg and bootcut will always outlive them. So if you find yourself itching to splurge on denim trousers, just give in. Make sure your closet doesn’t run out of types that are considered classics. They’re also durable that they can last for years — some even for decades.

And even if you’re not really into wearing trousers, having these 10 essential styles in your closet will ensure that when you do skip the skirt, you’ll be comfortable looking fabulous.

Straight Leg

This moderate straight leg-cut pants never goes out of style. For one, it fits easily over the thigh without being too tight or loose. Its silhouette slightly narrows on the knees, where the width measures the same all the way down to the bottom hem —  making your legs seem like they go on forever. And if you’re comfortable with your curves, this dark blue straight denim trousers from Roberto Cavalli jeans would look good on you.

RM2,421, Roberto Cavalli


Like the straight cut jeans, bootcut pants are an enduring classic style that defies trends. It slightly tapers the upper leg to fit comfortably from thigh to knee before flaring slightly from knee to hem. The extra width near the bootcut hem balances top or bottom heavy women. This cut complements tall beauties, but petite ladies only need to wear boots, platform heels, or wedges under this pair of Escada Sport denim in dark blue wash to create a lengthening illusion.

RM983, Escada


If you must splurge on a single pair of denim pants, let it be on a pair of skinny jeans. But don’t confuse them with straight leg jeans. Also known as slim-fit pants, this type of jeans narrow from the thigh to the ankles, hugging your leg closely all the way down. We’re loving this light vintage wash stretchable denims from Yves Saint Laurent. Pair this mid-waisted skinny jeans with high heels and you’ll be the hottest chick in the room.

RM4,622, Yves Saint Laurent

Wide Leg

If you’re sick of squeezing into skinny cuts, then let your legs breathe a little with wide leg jeans. These roomy pants feature a wide opening from your thighs on. They may not be as hot as skinny jeans, but wide leg pants ooze a glamorous vibe that’ll make you look elegant and chic in no time. Pair this Natasha Zinko number with a cropped off-shoulder blouse and you’ll have summer in your hands.

RM1,486, Natasha Zinko

High Waist

There’s something about high-waisted jeans that are just too good to pass up on. If you’re looking for an instant butt-lift, you’ll get no better result than wearing high rise trousers. Especially if they’re in denim. They sit close to the belly button and give you the look of longer legs. Our pick is this b(air) Blue Black River Thames from 7 For All Mankind that feels virtually weightless. A simple white poplin shirt can take this piece from street to chic.

RM751, 7 For All Mankind

Grey Jeans

Getting bored with hues of blue washed jeans? Switch things up by matching your tops with grey denim to achieve that comfy and easy look. Go dainty by matching light-white to light-grey tones with pastel coloured blouses, while black garments for high-contrast outfits that’s perfect for nights out. Black stonewashed denim, like this Gucci skinny denim can give you an edgy look.

RM3,736, Gucci

Black Jeans

There will always come a time when your top won’t seem to match your blue jeans. Solve the mystery with a pair of black ones. Pure and simple, black jeans such as Earnest Sewn’s Blake Jean Stryker Black are so easily dressed up or down, they go with almost everything you have in your closet. Ditch your plain white tee for a sequinned halter top to cruise your outfit from day to night.

RM693, Earnest Sewn


The debate about jeggings — the love child of jeans and leggings — has been long and winding in the fashion world. While some think they’re more offensive than mom’s jeans, the crafty invention has earned a significant following for the sheer comfort it affords. Try sitting cross legged in this straight leg Versace jeggings and you’ll see what we mean.

RM2,624, Versace


Lived-in jeans are simply amazing. They’re comfortable and they’re back in trend now more than ever. Also known as the ripped jeans, it has been rebranded as distressed pants to appease denim lovers who don’t have the patience to wear the same pair for years just to own a perfect one. Aside from running errands or hanging out in them on a lazy Sunday afternoon, distressed jeans can also look fashion forward by wearing it with a fab pair of heels.

RM961, 7 For All Mankind


For a more rustic vibe with your look, you’re gonna need khaki or cargo pants in your wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean you can wear them during a nature trip or doing some dangerous activities. Take this low-rise denim biker jeans from Balmain with sleek city blazers, boots and shades to tone down its edginess for a more chic vibe.


RM3,965, Balmain