Not one to underwhelm and always one to surprise, Karl Lagerfeld transported guests back to ancient Greek with the Chanel Cruise 2017-2018 collection. Following the theme of “The Modernity of Antiquity”, the collection reimagined traditional Grecian codes of classicism into modern sophistication.

“I’m expressing through fashion a fascination I’ve had since childhood. The first book I read was Homer,” explains Karl Lagerfeld of his inspiration. “The criteria of beauty in ancient, then classical, Greece still hold true. There have never been more beautiful representations of women.”


Inspired by the Spartan wardrobe, the collection featured knee-high gladiator heels and pleated skirts paired with bibbed bodices embellished with multicolored stones.


Ethereal, draped dresses were printed with gold-tinged crowns of oak leaves and laurel branches.


Greek goddess looks were on point, with flowing, toga-styled dresses paired with gladiator heels criss crossing up to the knee.


Details, details: The owl is a motif featured throughout the collection, which is a mythological of wisdom.


Draped dresses were highlighted with gold accessories that resembled branches, laurel leaves and olive leaves.


Dresses featured Greek sleeves draped or gathered at the shoulder, with belted waists embroidered with sequins to create a marbled pattern.


The perfect look for lounging: a 1950’s inspired swimsuit with transparent, embellished rain cape.


No Chanel collection is complete with tweed: fringed, unlined pale or ocher tweed were made into crossover coats and dresses.


The icon Chanel logo fashioned with the collection’s theme of gold leaves.


Earthy shades and shimmering golds set the tone of the show, reminiscent of the ancient art and ceramics.