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4 current men’s hairstyles to try in 2018

While the saying “new year, new me” has been used to death, the new year is always a great occasion to start something new. For example: hairstyles. Men’s hairstyles do not usually have a great variety, and it’s always up to the current It celebrity to pull off something new before it becomes trendy.

Hence, we took a look back at some of the popular men’s hairstyles back in 2017 that are prevailing up till the new year. It will give you an idea of what new haircuts you can try out for 2018 and also keep yourself in style — after all, these are what the male celebrities are sporting.

A quick look at these men’s hairstyles show that the upcoming styles to sport for 2018 is either really short, or long — there is no in-between. The buzz cut took off in the middle of last year and is still going strong, as Justin Timberlake and Alexander Skarsgård showed during the recent Golden Globe Awards 2018. What was once a military-sported hairstyle is now growing into the mainstream parts of the world. While buzz cuts may bring to mind your stint in the national service, at the very least you can stay cool while looking in trend.

On the long side of things, the male equivalent of the long bob is definitely here to stay. However, instead of thin and scraggly bits of hair, the trendy long bob is lusciously thick and wavy. Just take a look at Call Me By Your Name star Timothée Chalamet‘s amazing hair. Proceed only if you have a head full of hair.

Are you ready to make the first quarter of 2018 great with a new hair style? Read on.


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The buzz cut

It’s not a 100 per cent skinhead, but the buzz cut allows perhaps an extra five millimetres of hair instead of a clean shave. The cut is not only perfect for our tropical weather, but also trims down on styling time in the morning. To avoid looking too military, grow out your facial hair a la Justin Timberlake and Alexander Skarsgård.

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The neon buzzcut

The traditional buzz cut may give off hints of hardened military men, but give it a wash of neon colour to increase your street cred. This hairstyle is obviously not made to sign off deals in the boardroom, but it’s perfect if you’re working in the creative industry. It’s also the perfect length should you regret your change: just shave it off.

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Closely-cropped, with a fringe

We have a little cheat for 2018’s men hairstyles. Once your buzz cut grows out, you can fashion it into the next trendy cut: this closely-cropped style with a fringe. This fuss-free haircut only needs minimal styling time — the most work you’d need to do is perhaps sweep the hairs in one direction.

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The long bob

While the hair trend for women seems to be super long hair, the lob (that’s long bob) trend is shifted over to the men instead. Wavy-haired men would rock this look, and you only need a dash of product to comb it back for a more refined style à la Milo Ventimiglia. Be sure to invest in a good hair conditioner.

4 current men’s hairstyles to try in 2018

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