There’s certainly something special about discovering a vintage gem, whether in thrift shops or vintage stores. The only difference between both is that you’re almost guaranteed that you’ll be able to find designer items from vintage stores as the selection is curated. But who has the time to peruse the racks of a store these days? With online vintage stores, life is made easier when you can sift through the goods from the comfort of your home.

What’s so appealing about old and used clothing, though? More than it being secondhand goods, vintage clothes are unique in modern times — there’s less risk of you seeing someone else with the same vintage Commes des Garçon jacket than the latest Gucci printed T-shirt. Also, designer vintage stands as testament to the brand’s excellent workmanship and quality when the condition is still kept pristine, especially if its previous owner took good care of it. Although it will never truly be in perfect condition, its little scuffs show the dear history behind each designer piece.

In our list of online vintage stores below, you’ll find that these stores stock the best selection of designer brands’ vintage pieces. Most of these pieces come in styles and prints that are no longer in production by the fashion houses — perhaps to be revisited in the future, but not now. By owning a piece of fashion history, you’re not only adding a unique piece into your personal collection, but also preserving timeless fashion. Ready to begin shopping? Read on.

Archive Vintage

If you’re a fan of fashion styles from the 60s to the 90s, then Archive Vintage is just the place you need. The online store stocks only designer pieces from those four decades. We were particularly taken with this Missoni knit trench. Those details. Those colours. We guarantee you won’t find another person your age donning this.

RM3,594.23, Archive Vintage


Other than stocking the latest and greatest in high fashion, peruse the Vintage tab in Farfetch for some old school goodness. There, you’ll be able to find designer brands such as Chanel, Hermès, Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, and more, including this vintage Vivienne Westwood dress. This spectacular piece is not just in the finest red, it also features all things 70s: a cowl neck, puffy shoulders, and drapes in all the right places.

RM2,655.50, Farfetch

House of Liza

Other than Farfetch, a good place for you to find rare and luxe vintage goods is House of Liza. The London-based shop has its own website, but to shop online, it redirects you to Farfetch. Amongst the rare gems we found is this vintage Jean Paul Gaultier faux fur knuckle duster clutch, which looks almost brand new. Glam yet edgy? We’ve got you covered even in vintage.

RM3,299.89, House of Liza

What Goes Around Comes Around

Fashion buyers in What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA) have an enviable job of travelling around the globe to source for the finest and rarest vintage designer goods. Established in 1993, WGACA is home to a curated list of the highest tier of designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Goyard, Celine, and more. Turn heads with this sleek Louis Vuitton Kenyan Fawn Epi president classeur briefcase, a winning piece in WGACA’s vintage collection.

RM17,096.74, What Goes Around Comes Around


Unlike the other online vintage stores listed here, 1stdibs contains more than just a fine curation of vintage designer clothes and accessories — they also stock furniture, fine art, and interior products. If you’re looking for a product from a particular era such as Biedermeier, Rococo, or Art Deco, 1stdibs has also made it easier for you to search under those respective categories. We love this 70s YSL velvet coat in a rich burgundy shade for a standout unique piece in our outfit.

RM4,017.08, 1stdibs

PohNee Chin
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