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Here are 7 Malaysian fashion illustrators you need to follow on Instagram

With an average of 15 minutes per day spent on Instagram (perhaps even more for this writer), there are millions of eyeballs on the social media app — which makes it a great platform to exhibit an artist’s work. Fashion illustration is one of the art forms that’s enjoying a revival thanks to social media, and it can be easily found all over Instagram. As far as these artists come, we know of the many international ones — but look a little closer to home and you’ll find that our local Malaysian talents are not too shabby either.

But not all fashion illustrators rely solely on Instagram to promote their work and make a living. Most of the Malaysian creatives hold a day job to pay the bills, such as Eleen Tan who works as an illustration lecturer, and Len of @loookis who is a copywriter. Others bank on commissioned work — one example is Limzy, who frequently collaborates with brands to create artwork for their campaigns.

So click the “Follow” button on these Malaysian fashion illustrators’ Instagram accounts and show them some homegrown love. Adding some art to your Instagram feed may also help fuel inspiration for your creative side, and perhaps you might join them as one of the artists exhibiting their works on social media.

(Image courtesy of respective artists)

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Celine Wong

Who: @artoflihua

Celine Wong is more commonly known as Lihua in the art world, and her illustrations have a particularly fluid style about it. Her signature style is merging “Chinese calligraphy with contemporary fashion portraiture”.

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Dylan Eyong

Who: @dyllustrates

A fashion illustrator and designer who’s based in both Malaysia and Singapore, Dylan Eyong’s illustrations are glossy, bedazzled gems that look like they could jump off the page (or screen!). If we can pinpoint a signature look for the women that he illustrates, we’d definitely say: Glamazon.


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Fikri Afif

Who: @fikriafif

Fikri Afif is no stranger to big clients especially when it comes to his fashion illustrations — he has done works for high-profile magazines in KL, as well as brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Gucci, and more. We love his striking pieces done on black paper, especially when the lighter coloured paints he uses seem to give his illustrations an ethereal, dreamy look.

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Who: @loookis

It’s been a while since Len updated his Instagram page, but he still holds a place in our hearts with his amazingly detailed illustrations. His models have lifelike, yet artistic expressions, and the prints on the clothes are drawn with precise detail.

5 /7


Who: @lovelimzy

If we could only use one word to describe Limzy’s illustrations, it would be “girly”. Her delicate, dreamy illustrations certainly appeal to the most demure of girls with their bouncy hair and dainty dresses. Limzy also has a penchant for including flowers in her illustrations.

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Eleen Tan

Who: @misseleen_artist

Eleen Tan is also no stranger to fashion events, having been commissioned by several brands including Dior, Mont Blanc and Salvatore Ferragamo to do sketches during their events. She cites René Gruau and Jason Brooks’ works as the ones that inspire her the most. As for her own signature style of illustration, it is unabashedly feminine with dramatic billows of skirts and hair.

7 /7

Sugee Wee

Who: @sugeedrawdraw

Sugee Wee’s girls are distinctly unique, and easily identifiable especially with their leggy silhouettes and rosy cheeks. Wee is also the founder of PowPowJellyFish, a design label, and dabbles in crochet, macrame, and many other art forms.

Here are 7 Malaysian fashion illustrators you need to follow on Instagram

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