In a corporate setting, one is sometimes expected to be suited up for the occasion. This typically entails safe choices such as black or dark blue blazers paired with crisp white shirts — a default look that’s versatile for any business setting.

As work-appropriate and versatile as it is, this ensemble also tends to be a bit boring, as almost everyone else in the same room is likely to be wearing similar attire. One way to stand out from the crowd is by injecting hints of colour into your outfit — such as picking an office shirt in a bold hue — or even wearing a spiffy pair of shoes. But if you’re looking for something less ostentatious and attention-grabbing, another solution is to accessorise. Common accessories you might know of are watches, ties, or socks, but there are also tie bars and cufflinks that come in a variety of designs to spruce up your suit.

Accessorising may seem like a hassle at first, but trust us, it’s a foolproof way to instantly elevate your outfit and make you look fashion-forward. From whimsical printed ties to unique cufflink designs, we’ve put together a guide to 7 accessories that will easily dress up any work ensemble.