Omega’s anticipated first eyewear collection has finally debuted on our shores following its launch in August this year. It marks the Swiss watchmaker’s bold move into the luxury sunglass market.

While many fans seem skeptical about the brand’s entry into eyewear, the collection proves to be something to keep an eye out for. For fans who like the utilitarian design and practicality of Omega’s chronographs and tourbillons, Omega brings its iconic timepiece design traits to its sunglass aesthetics, keeping their mush storied brand identity untainted.

Omega sunglasess
An exquisite pairing of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch and Pilot Style sunglasses

Being an eyewitness to world history since 1903, Omega has also become a legacy itself through the brand’s constant innovations in watchmaking. Its perception of fashion is wholly captured by the legendary names like James Bond, John F. Kennedy, Prince William, Buzz Aldrin and its current ambassadors Nicole Kidman and Michael Phelps.

With a substantial aesthetic foundation, Omega is bound to conquer the world of luxury sunglasses one pair at a time. We can expect to see the house’s authentic boldness transferred to the ornate frame designs.

Omega sunglasses
A constellation that is an ode to Omega’s galaxy

What we love about this brand new masterpiece is the unique character that echoes in each pair of sunglasses. The lenses are anti-reflective and scratch-resistant, which is perfect for those who perpetually live behind their sunnies. The Omega logo is carved in meticulous detail, a reminder of the great quality the brand is known for. This is the result of the brand’s collaboration with the Italian eyewear leading manufacturer Marcolin.

Omega women sunglasses
Omega Classic Butterfly Style

Raynald Aeschlimann, Group President and CEO, shared his initial statement on the launch: “This is an exciting step for Omega because it leads our brand into new areas of creativity. With our long history, there is real brand substance and authenticity to work with and we have ensured that it is truly represented in every pair of sunglasses. For customers, this is a chance to find new ways to express personal style and a passion for our brand.”

Omega fans can now feast their eyes on a full range of this Summer Collection available at Omega boutiques nationwide.