Lace, frilly underwear, and g-strings? So 2020.

It’s time to get extra comfortable at home as we sit through another lockdown. What better way than to do it in your most comfortable loungewear and underwear. Sure, you can have the most comfortable sweatpants on and you’re good to go, but putting on a pair of underwear that’s equally as comfortable hits differently. It’s all about bringing that stay-at-home comfort to another level.

What’s best for an ‘occasion’ such as this? Basic underwear, or even ‘granny panties’, if you must. The past decade or longer has always been about lace, ruffles, strings. While these may look nice, it certainly does not feel as nice as tucking it all into a basic cotton or jersey underwear.

These updated granny panties are not the same as, well, what your grandma used to wear. It’s now luxuriously redesigned with exceptionally soft materials. Basic underwear now embraces the female form in more ways than before so you’ll feel even more comfortable.

Calvin Klein Underwear CK One briefs

Calvin Klein Underwear has been around since the 80s, up until now for several valid reasons. It’s soft, comfortable and feels cooling on the skin. These CK One briefs are very much well-loved — with its stretch cotton and modal-blend material. The underwear also features the iconic CK waistband.

Approx. RM88
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SKIMS seamless sculpting mid-waist briefs

Kim Kardashian created SKIMS as a mean to provide shapewear for every single of body. Each of them is technically constructed to enhance curves, and underwear that would stretch twice its size. This seamless mid-waist brief is no different — extremely comfortable to be worn under anything or just on its own.

Approx. RM137
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SPANX Undie-tectable briefs

Spanx’s Undie-tectable underwear works in many ways — it solves all of your visible pantyline issues and has a wide-banded waistband that smooths and shapes your stomach. It’s made out of stretch-jersey and lined with comfortable cotton, that’s comfortable to be worn at home all day. This comes with a set of two.

Approx. RM235
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Skin's Hadlee briefs

Going green doesn’t just mean reducing plastic usage. Choosing sustainable clothing (in this case, underwear) is one of the ways as well. Skin’s Hadlee brief is made out of stretch organic Pima cotton-jersey. It offers full coverage and support.

Approx. RM172
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Chantelle's soft stretch jersey briefs

Chantelle’s briefs are cut from the label’s signature ‘soft stretch’ jersey material. What does that exactly means? The material is known to behave like second skin — it’s so soft that you’ll feel as if you’re wearing nothing. This particular version has a high-rise silhouette for moderate coverage.

Approx. RM66
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Jolin Lee
Unlike most modern-day millennials, Jolin does not need caffeine or alcohol to power through the day (and night). Her eye for beauty is as sharp as her eyeliner flick, and she can spot your unblended eye makeup from a mile away.