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Behind the lens: Chopard’s craftsmanship extends to eyewear

The year was 1860, and in a sleepy village called Sonvilier in Switzerland, a talented young craftsman by the name of Louis-Ulysse Chopard was busy working away on watches for the eponymous brand he worked so hard to establish.

All great tales start small, and his was one that was destined to become legendary in the world of horology. Chopard’s watches were so brilliantly precise and reliable that they found buyers from as far as Russia and Scandinavia — and while that might not be as impressive now, we’re talking about the 19th century here, where aviation wasn’t even a concept yet.

Chopard’s craftsmanship Classic LUC watch
One of the brand’s time-honoured favourites is the Classic L.U.C. watch. (Image: Chopard)

Such was the extent of his legacy. Chopard’s craftsmanship was rivalled by few during his time, and even to this day. Harnessing its dedication to producing some of the world’s finest watches, the Swiss brand has since ventured into making other products that are equally matched in quality.

Chopard’s craftsmanship
Chopard’s eyewear series combines the technicality and aesthetics from the watch and jewellery series. (Image: Chopard eyewear by De Rigo Vision)

Inspired by its well-established concept of jewellery and watches, Chopard’s eyewear range pays homage to some of the brand’s most well-loved designs, such as the Ice Cube, Radiant Extravaganza and Happy Diamonds. And it’s more than leaving the machines to do the job. Centuries’ worth of expertise is combined with technology, so each pair is a decadent, exclusive piece of perfection that has been through hours of precise workmanship via an elaborate hand-made process.

Happy Diamonds for the playful style maven

Chopard’s craftsmanship
Diamonds move freely within the Happy Diamonds series of watches and jewellery. (Image: Chopard)

Like the rest of the Happy Diamonds series, the Happy Diamonds sunglasses are a playful expression of creativity and sophistication. There are 29 dazzling crystals affixed around the metal embellishment, but it’s the 3 moving ones within that steal the limelight, just like its namesake watches and jewellery collection. The oversized, wide eye shapes make it easy to match with any outfit and for any occasion, or simply for days when you want to hide imperfections.

Chopard’s craftsmanship
Chopard Happy Diamonds sunglasses in SCH-205G. (Image: Chopard eyewear by De Rigo Vision)

Imperiale Flower Optical for the sophisticated fashionista

Chopard’s craftsmanship
Two pieces from the Imperiale flower jewellery collection. (Image: Chopard)

The Imperiale series draws similarities to the Imperiale flower jewellery collection in that it combines the sensuality and sophistication of women into eyewear. Sculptural lines and fine details take centre stage here, both of which draw the focus to the eyes of the wearer. Swarovski crystals at the side add a touch of opulence to a collection that’s a tribute to today’s empresses, while reaffirming Chopard’s quality and iconic status.

Chopard’s craftsmanship
Chopard Imperiale in VCH-B78V. (Image: Chopard eyewear by De Rigo Vision)

Classic L.U.C. for the true gentleman

Chopard’s craftsmanship
The carbon fibre sides give the classic style a sporty and contemporary twist. (Image: Chopard eyewear by De Rigo Vision)

The aviator-styled sunglasses from the Classic L.U.C collection are an extension of the heritage of the company. Like the watches, they are specifically designed to spotlight the craftsmanship of the past for the distinguished contemporary gentleman.

Chopard’s craftsmanship
Chopard’s artisans craft the Classic L.U.C. aviators with the same attention to detail as its most iconic watch. (Image: Chopard eyewear by De Rigo Vision)

Made with the same great attention to detail, the sides are crafted from carbon fibre to keep the sunglasses lightweight yet durable. The double-bridged aviators come equipped with polarised lenses with an A/R coating to cut glare and give the wearer greater levels of comfort — perfect for the stylish jet-setters who are always on the go.

Chopard’s craftsmanship Classic L.U.C.
Chopard aviator-styled Classic L.U.C. in SCH B78-568V. (Image: Chopard eyewear by De Rigo Vision)

Chopard’s eyewear is available at these select retailers. Jewellery is available at Chopard boutiques.

Behind the lens: Chopard’s craftsmanship extends to eyewear

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