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More often than not, it is your sneakers that either make or break your outfit. In the world of streetwear, you could be dressed top-to-toe in branded items, but most eyes would stray to what you have on your feet. No matter how fresh your fit is, if you show up in dirty sneakers, it ruins the entire ensemble. That is why sneaker cleaning services are mushrooming around KL and PJ over the past few years.

The past few years have seen the rise of many sneaker cleaning products. The likes of Jason Markk, Crep Protect, and Reshoevn8r are just some of the popular brands currently in the market. While it is necessary to have it on-hand, sometimes it’d be best to let the professionals take over.

What’s great is that many of these sneaker cleaning services also provide restoration and customisation to your sneakers. Whether you want to restore your old OG kicks or even turn your bland Nike Air Force 1s into something different and unique, you’re sorted.

Mushroom Sneaker Restorations

Also known as ‘The Lab’, Mushroom Sneaker Restorations is one of the go-to places to clean, restore, and customise your sneakers. It’s located on the first floor of 17Gallery, one of the biggest sneaker and streetwear consignment stores in Malaysia. This one-stop location is the perfect choice if you’re looking to give your sneakers a new lease in life, whether it be restoring, customising, or even just a simple cleaning.

Shoe Mo

Shoe Mo is arguably the biggest sneaker cleaning service in Malaysia with a total of 13 locations spread across Southeast Asia, eight of which are in Malaysia alone. Shoe Mo offers two types of cleaning services, standard and deep cleaning with the latter being more expensive but a more thorough cleaning as well. Shoe Mo also has plenty of other services like restoration, repairs, and even protection to name a few.


HypeGuardian lives up to its name of being the guardian of hype sneakers, protecting it from anything and everything that could get your sneakers dirty. It provides the basic cleaning and customisation services but it also offers sole protection kits as well as sneaker deodorants and repellents to ensure it stays fresh at all times.

Ruler Premium Shoe Cleaner

Ruler Premium Shoe Cleaner markets itself different from many other shoe cleaning services in KL. This is mostly due to the products it uses, which focus on environmental conservation. Its shoe cleaning products are 97% natural biodegradable cleaning solutions, ensuring that your kicks are kept clean without impacting the environment.

Sneakers Spa

Sneakers Spa is all about providing a safe environment for your sneakers where they can be cleaned and restored back to its former glory. Aside from cleaning sneakers, it can also handle leather shoes, ensuring that it gets buffed and polished to make it look as good as new.

Wi-Liam Teh
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