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The seventies is a celebrated era that everyone loves to look back on. The parties were flashy and extravagant, especially at the legendary Studio 54 with celebrities dressed in maximalist fashion. It was precisely this imagery that Fabio Panzeri had in mind when he created the Braun Büffel’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection.

Since his appointment as creative director, Panzeri has continuously reshaped the brand’s identity, injecting fun and edge into the otherwise classic leather goods Braun Büffel has been formerly known for. Despite being influenced by the 70s party era, nothing about Braun Büffel’s Fall/Winter 2018 is old-fashioned — Panzeri has given it a modern-day veil with a touch of sophistication.

The women’s collection takes on a colour palette of burgundy, forest green, and deep ocean blue, which are contrasted against kaleidoscopic shades for a very Pop Art circa Andy Warhol vibe. The bags adopt textural details such as weaves, contrast stitching and studs, which are all reminiscent of the self-expressionism that the 70s are so known for.

As for the men’s bag collection, Panzeri pans out of Studio 54 and heads to the streets of New York — still in the 70s. Inspired by the urban street culture back then and the burgeoning graffiti art scene, this season’s keyword is sleek, modern, yet carefree. The embodiment of youthful energy, the bags reflect that exact personality: buttery soft leather backpacks, multi-way tote bags, and functional messenger bags.

Click through the gallery to see if any of the bags from Braun Büffel’s Fall/Winter 2018 catches your fancy. Be sure to read the caption to know which bags they are.


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Braun Büffel’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection brings us back to the 70s
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