Monogram logos are a surefire way for fans and loyalists to recognise the brand in an instant. Many famous luxury brands are well-known to flaunt its monogram logos all around its products, especially when it comes to bags and handbags. Braun Büffel is one of the latest brands to do so, bringing its all-new #BBMonogram emblem to the foray through its Wunder Wander 2019 Fall/Winter collection.
Braun Buffel
Its Wunder Wander FW 19 Collection is focused solely on the millennial nomads.

This new signature was designed and developed by Braun Büffel’s creative director, Fabio Panzeri and there are three different colourways of the monogram to choose from. All three monogram palates feature a distinctive use of colour with the Braun Büffel logo embedded throughout.

Braun Buffel
The all-new ad campaign for Braun Büffel

One of the key highlights when it comes to the new monogram emblems is its lightweight construction, built out of nylon with assorted calf leather accents. These monograms will appear on the Harrison, Misty, and Delos bags, which are functional yet stylish in every way possible. All three bags will also have gunmetal in a shiny finish to give off a more premium and modern look.

As urbanites are constantly on-the-go, these bags are the perfect example of what you should be carrying when you’re constantly moving. Its easy shapes for metropolitan commute make it almost effortless to carry with you for long hours while staying easy on the eye.

What’s great about these latest designs from Panzeri is that he took it through a more modern millennial approach. This includes the heavy usage of nylon material, which is known to be exceptionally strong and highly resistant to most chemicals. All three bags also feature a new unisex design, ensuring that both men and women can appreciate the quality and design of the bags.

All images: Braun Büffel

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