The Winter 2021 vision of Dior’s Artistic Director Kim Jones in collaboration with artist Peter Doig was like analysing every brush strokes and use of colours on an enchanting piece of artwork.

After the premiere of the Winter 2021 collection last Friday, Kim Jones has once again successfully stolen the hearts and caught the attention of many on his latest runway pieces. Much like his other successful collaborations in the past, this time was no different by merging the world of art and fashion into one. With the brains of these talented artists, it was proven that mixing heritage, history and contemporary art can indeed birth a work of art. 

Any fashion show wouldn’t be complete with an ode to the past, and this is where iconic silhouettes from the house were reinvented too. You’ll find elemental motifs of the covered buttons taken from the Bar Jacket and the luxurious gilded embroidery of the Rosella – an haute couture dream designed by Marc Bohan – on full display. While Dior states that this collection is a masculine approach of couture, we would describe this as a breath of fresh air thanks to these memorable silhouettes. From relaxed outerwears to cosy colourful knits and the many military-style pieces; bubbly splashes of citrus hues in intricate embroidery and embellishments were highlights of what we adored and what you can expect from the Winter 2021 season. 

Image credit: Dior

Moody tonal looks with an explosion of colours in contrasting tones made the runway setting match perfectly with Doig’s vision – transforming the stage as his dreamy blue-sky setting with stacked sound system references from his Speaker/Girl painting. It’s clear how this collection works well together with these two visionaries present, including when Peter was pretty hands-on with the whole process. Just like how he adds his hand-painted designs inspired by his artworks and connection to the fashion house. 

If you noticed, the choice of fabrics through abstract and watercolour-like textures – in muted blues, navy, dusk mauve, Dior grey and bright tones in yellow, blood-orange and green – were used as references from Doig’s paintings. These delivered a harmonious rendition of bringing life to the wardrobe for the upcoming winter season, despite the gloomy weather. 

You’ll notice two animalistic emblems of a dog (resembling Christian Dior’s dog, Bobby) and a lion figure character from one of Doig’s painting making swift appearances throughout. The lion figures on the jewellery and belts are characters sculpted by Doig himself too. Other accessories to note are the hats: from bowlers and berets to crochet hats, and a helmet-like headgear. 

Overall, the Winter 2021 collection was a delight to see and a memorable one too.  If you’re eager for more, take a closer look through the lens of the photographer, Jackie Nickerson of the whimsical Dior show. 

(Hero & Featured Image credit: Dior)

Amalina Anuar
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