They say time is money, and we absolutely agree. We’re constantly looking for ways to cut corners to gain more time to do other things, like pressing the snooze button for the umpteenth time. Hence, this could be a lifesaver for the gents: all-in-one cleansers to save an extra 10 minutes in the shower, perhaps more.

This miracle product is by no means a new thing. In fact, it has been around for decades, perhaps taking a back seat in the past few years or so. With barbershops rising in popularity and in tandem, men’s grooming trends, the amount of products a man needs to look good seemed to be increasing as well. We’re talking about separate hair and body shampoos, facial cleansers, beard oils, and the like.

But how many of us can really slap all that on in the morning where we need to rush out the door? For those days, all-in-one cleansers are your saving grace, doing the job of two cleansing agents or more (depending on whether or not you use your body wash on the face, or a separate cleanser). Not only do these all-in-one cleansers streamline your day’s grooming process, they’re also the perfect bottle to toss into your gym bag because you only need that one product.

We know we’ve already convinced you, so here are fiveĀ all-in-one cleansers to purchase right now.