Other than the fact that Solange gave a surprise performance — Kenzo Spring/Summer 2020 also marks the end of yet another era in the fashion industry. Last night was the final curtain call (literally) for artistic directors, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon after eight successful years at the fashion house. The duo came onboard on 2011 as the first Asian-American artistic directors at LVMH and completely transformed the brand — much approved by everyone judging by the success of their iconic tiger sweater.

“They brought a casual aspect, a bit sporty, very graphic. It really made the brand fresher and more dynamic: A lot of young people are Kenzo fans today. I was lucky that way. It is my name, after all”
Kenzo Takada

News of Carol Lim and Humberto Leon leaving the LVMH-owned fashion house broke out just a couple of weeks ago and it caused a ripple in the fashion world. It may not come as a surprise to many; since creative directors from most fashion houses decided to swap roles recently. However, their departure has left many with questions on the direction Kenzo will be taking — since the founder himself, Kenzo Takada stepped down in 1999.

As for the finale, the duo presented a collection inspired by the founder’s homeland and its seas. Ama, a community of Japanese females who free-dive to forage for seafood is the main source of inspiration. Hence you’ll notice an evident aquatic-theme among the pieces; which include anklets in pearly coral clusters, fishnet bags, sandals and tops, and illustrations of mermaids on matching top and bottoms.

Scroll through the gallery below for some of our favourites from Kenzo SS20 collection.

Images: Alessandro Lucioni / Gorunway.com for Vogue

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