Why change a design that has already been an icon for nearly a century?

Every brand has its front-runner — an icon that many would automatically know of the brand once they see it. Think along the lines of Chanel’s 2.55 Handbag that’s been an icon since 1955, the Love Bracelet from Cartier, the ever-so controversial Hermes Birkin bag, and many more. It’s not just bags and jewellery, the same applies to footwear. For British-based, international shoe brand, Clarks — it’s the Desert Boot. The iconic pair of low-cut boots has made its comeback as the star of the brand’s SS20 campaign.

‘Then. Now. Always’ is the tagline of Clarks‘ latest campaign. The brand continues to strive to be the pioneer of the industry since its days at Glastonbury’s ancient Tor in 1825. The pursuit to push the boundaries of shoemaking never stopped, eventually producing the world’s first foot-shaped shoe. It’s a far cry from Cyrus and James Clark’s slipper-making days from sheepskin off-cuts. ‘Then. Now. Always’ is a dedication to that; to Clarks’ originality and quality while still on the tradition of trailblazing and risk-taking. Shoe designs that have an intrinsic beauty and simplicity that will last for centuries.

Then. Now. Always. It means your dad wore Clarks, you wear them and your kids will. It’s something timeless.
Alexander Skarsgård

2020 is the 70th anniversary of the Desert Boot — making it fitting for the iconic pair to be the main highlight of Clarks’ latest campaign. It’s the world’s first-ever casual dress shoe inspired by the rough suede boots worn by off-duty army officers in the 1950s. Even after 70 years since its introduction, every pair is still crafted to the original dimensions Nathan Clark designed using a mere newspaper prototype. It remains a true classic, adopted by subcultures from all over the world — including celebrities Alexander Skarsgård and Freida Pinto who are the ambassadors for the global Spring/Summer 2020 campaign.

The reason the Desert Boot is so iconic and so relevant is because it’s so versatile. It’s a forever boot. An icon can really stand the test of time.
Freida Pinto

The SS20 collection also introduces various designs that could be your summer essentials. Craft Athleisure line combines Clarks DNA and sports-inspired silhouettes and materials. Elevate your workwear or casual outfits with these Dress Essentials. As sandals are often associated with summer, the sandal and a barefoot collection titled Hello Summer is refreshed with new stunning colours, material and detailing.

(All images: Clarks)

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