From the rise of peplums to whimsical silhouettes inspired by Greek mythology, the Cruise 2022 collections are definitely worth revisiting.

The Cruise 2022 collection is all about embracing the best looks that resonate with you on vacation. While plans may be on hold, it wouldn’t hurt to look forward to future trips, as we take you on a journey of self-discovery. Keep in mind that the way you dress and present yourself plays a huge role. Scroll down and choose your adventure from these looks below – your one-way ticket to Cruise city starts now. 

Hero & Featured image credit: Dior


Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri takes us on an adventure to the historic Panathenaic Stadium in Athens. Dior‘s Cruise 2022 collection boasts a series of ethereal-meets-athleisure silhouettes with a hint of nostalgia. Taking inspiration from Monsieur Dior’s 1950s haute couture lines and Surrealism artist Giorgio De Chirico, you’ll find that the Maison has a fulfilling relationship with Greece. However, it took Chiuri back to the mythology and historical elements of the Greek roots to achieve the fluidity of the collection.

It’s hard not to miss the return of peplum, tunics, studded wristbands, and bowling bag as highlights this year. As we power through the pandemic, Dior understands what women want. There are days when we crave whimsical ensembles like those of a Greek goddess, or the opposite in comfy athleisurewear in sneakers all day. Inspired by Maison’s notion of feminism, this collection translates that powerful allure into garments that cater to any personality.

Louis Vuitton

Want to know what happens when colour and futuristic elements meet? The genesis of Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2022, of course. Nicolas Ghesquière brings the party outside to Axe Majeur, a sculpture park by Israeli artist Dani Karavan. Since taking over the reins, Ghesquière has always incorporated his love for sci-fi and outer space into every season. This season is a nod to the modern woman with rebellious edge, which we love. You’ll spot the juxtaposition of street style with all-out print collages, parachute silhouettes and quilted space suits that have what every woman wants today – comfort.

You’ll notice how every look has an element of surprise – chic staples paired with sportswear. There are the classic cocktail dress with pleated hemlines, parachute sleeves on an A-line dress, bomber jackets paired with feathered skirts, cape jackets over leather skirts, structured military layering, and so much more. We can see ourselves strutting out in these pieces teeming with class post-lockdown.


Donatella Versace expresses, “This season is about having fun with fashion again, and it feels right to put something positive into the world. We will never return to the old world or the old normal, there’s no going backwards. This is what the new now looks to me.” We agree. An injection of technicolour barges its way into the Cruise 2022 collection. Psychedelic prints, colour blocks in acid and pastel tones collide in a fresh take on the signature Chain and Medusa emblem, on the new Versace uniform. It is a youthful take on the house’s signature pieces that we all love. With street-style elements of the ’70s and ’90s as inspiration, it’s clear that clashes of textured prints, fringe finishes, slick latex, jacquard, tweed and leather play a quirky role in the Cruise collection. The goal here is to have fun with your wardrobe, and Versace aces that.


It’s all about embracing fun and positivity in life, especially when we need it more than ever. This season’s MSGM radiates with pulsating energy. Taking inspirations from culture, art and music – Nirvana’s ‘Come As You Are’ and artworks by artists Paolo Gonzato and Jim Dine – individuality, highlighted tones and fearlessness are personified in the collection. You’ll notice staple silhouettes for every occasion that embrace a quaint play of colours and shapes from tulle tops, maxi ruffles, ripples on jackets, decorated sleeves, wide boat necklines, masculine-cut suits and beyond. The overall collection expresses the adage of loving who you are, without imitating anyone else.

Maison Margiela

If we could wear this every day, we would. MM6 expresses a form of comfort in this season’s Cruise collection. You’ll notice various style mavens, from punk-rock to minimal-chic and sophisticated while maintaining the androgynous flow. Thanks to the dynamic silhouettes from the dramatic wide-legged denim, sleeveless top and jackets, structured shirts, oversized layering and straight pants, the collection will match with anything in your closet. The objective here is to work with what you have while keeping these MM6 staples as a base. The contrast between neutral tones and a pop of colour permeates throughout the collection, embracing the label-free style you’ve always wanted. 

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